#IStandwithBiden is trending on Twitter. don’t they understand what a failure he is?

Biden was forced out of hiding. He gave a 20 min read from a teleprompter re the fall of Afghanistan. His club of twitter admirers showed up to support him. There were no 81 million. Nowhere’s near either.That said,what were they cheering?

Joe patted himself on the back saying he stood by HIS decision. He wasn’t speaking to the disastrous pull out-he was referring to leaving Afghanistan period. They thought that was courageous. Newsflash people;THAT decision had already been made.

While Gen “Marxist” Milley was over here trying to get transgender surgeries,crt and woke culture implemented into our military, the Taliban were just waiting & ready to do their summer offensive. Joe made it real easy for them. He closed down our air bases and pulled out our troops. The direct consequence with this dead of night,sudden, pull out without a plan was that it left our personnel stranded at the embassy and left the Afghani military without the back up they needed. They no longer had intel, air support or contractors.

Here comes the Taliban and there sat all our ammo, weapons and hardware.

Our fearless leader was just on television but a few days ago telling the media it wouldn’t be like the fall of Saigon.

Squint your eyes real hard there Joe. It’s our embassy in KABUL.

Pretend to your admirers that you are a pacifist. Pretend you never support overseas intervention. They’re not old enough to remember or they’re old enough but weren’t paying attention. You voted for the War in Iraq AND the War in Afghanistan.

He keeps lying about Iraq-even the NY Times reported Joe’s position accurately.

 In October 2002, he was one of 77 senators who gave President George W. Bush the authority to use force in Iraq. 


Another newsflash people: Donald Trump opposed the war in Iraq all along.

Then Biden blamed the Afghan military, Pres Trump, the exiled President of Afghanistan and our own Intel community for the fall of Afghanistan and ended by saying the ‘BUCK STOPS HERE’ Do you get how those 2 statements are totally contradictory?

We knew the ‘it’s Trump’s fault’ was coming but the other 2 or 3 were a bit of a shock.

Do these people understand all the implications of Biden’s Afghan disaster? It wasn’t a pull out/withdrawal. It was a total abandonment without a plan in place. It emboldens the enemy as it certainly emboldened the Taliban. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran all understand the implications of Joe’s blunder. We have a weak, detached, ineffective (and i say INSTALLED)President who will fold like a cheap suit no matter what they do. He’ll just go into hiding.

Keep in mind that Twitter gave the Taliban a platform to communicate. i’d call that aiding and abetting the enemy. Yet, Twitter had banned our own sitting President while Trump was still in office.

We’re only talking about one of Joe’s foreign policy blunders, but his worst to date. i’m not getting into his domestic policy failures and there’s plenty of those too. You support Joe? We support our country. Right there is the difference between the MAGA movement and the Biden supporters.