Afghanistan Was Not in Vain

After the attacks of 9/11 we said, Never Forget. We didn’t forget but the horror of that day-the implications of what happened-did fade into memory over time. It is always that way. It is meant to be that way;it is built into the human psyche.

The event inspired a patriotic group of young men to enlist and defend our country. Whatever else you can say about the Bush family,the one thing they did do was restore the honor due our servicemen they had wrongfully lost after the Vietnam War.

A whole generation of young men and women signed up to go to Afghanistan and take the fight to the people who knocked down our buildings and attacked us on our own soil. We didn’t think it could happen. It did.

We defeated the Taliban and kept Al Queda at bay. We eventually found and killed the mastermind of the 9/11 attack,Usama bin Laden. Our soliders actually brought some stability to Afghanistan and gave them at least a taste of freedom for 20 yrs.They kept us safe for 20 yrs. This is what our service men and women did.

I think the reason Biden’s disastrous Afghan pull out hit so hard is because the Taliban advanced so quickly and seemingly wiped out 20 yr of sacrifice all in 1 day-the day they took Kabul. We weren’t at war when this happened. Truthfully the battle for Afghanistan had ended years ago. Our military was victorious. We can analyze what happened this week but to say we were at war at the time isn’t entirely correct.

We were basically keeping the peace. I’m sure we could spit hairs on that; it’s the way i see it and i could be entirely wrong. Someone wants to set this straight feel free to jump in with YOUR take in the comments. I never know as much as i would like to know and i don’t want to pretend i know things i don’t either. We’re talking about observing from a distance here.

Whether we should have been nation building is another story. People can debate that. You have to achieve a political solution.

However, i am totally convinced had Pres Trump been re-elected we wouldn’t be facing a disaster. The consequences of Biden’s poor judgement are enormous .We know Trump also intended to wrap it up in Afghanistan but we also know he would never have let this happen.

Obama called ISIS the JV team and allowed them to build a caliphate. Donald Trump went on the campaign trail and promised he’d bomb the _____out of them. Kept his word. The caliphate was destroyed in short order.

Trump did what Obama should have done. He let the military do what they are meant to do and got out of their way.

Our men and women were victorious in Afghanistan. It’s terrible that Biden used such poor judgement and it ended as it did but that takes away nothing from what our people on the ground achieved in 20 yrs. We’re seeing it through the lens of this weeks events. Not to diminish the far reaching affects of Biden’s decision but to ask we step back, look at the whole picture and separate the 2.

Our men and women achieved their mission. I hate to see that taken away from them. I know the fall of Kabul especially was a punch in the gut. We all felt it and then to see the tragedy unfold was even tougher.It’s still unfolding. We can thank our vets for their service in Afghanistan and other nations as well as at home. We can tell them job well done. We can thank them for keeping us safe and for giving another people their freedom.