(AMERICA) Gun Violence Report: USA has endured yet another bloody weekend of gun violence, with at least 82 people shot and 13 killed across Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC alone #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Aug.17: Eight of those were gunned down in a single-incident at a housing complex in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood. That came after three people were shot and killed in New York on Saturday…

Source: (AMERICA) Gun Violence Report: USA has endured yet another bloody weekend of gun violence, with at least 82 people shot and 13 killed across Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC alone #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


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Who knows how many other men and women religious from other countries live and work in Afghanistan and are now stranded there or attempting to leave! Even if we do not know names, let’s spiritually adopt a priest or nun or brother who might be desperately needing our prayers in this moment!  The Lord will know who they are!


Afghanistan Was Not in Vain


After the attacks of 9/11 we said, Never Forget. We didn’t forget but the horror of that day-the implications of what happened-did fade into memory over time. It is always that way. It is meant to be that way;it is built into the human psyche.

The event inspired a patriotic group of young men to enlist and defend our country. Whatever else you can say about the Bush family,the one thing they did do was restore the honor due our servicemen they had wrongfully lost after the Vietnam War.

A whole generation of young men and women signed up to go to Afghanistan and take the fight to the people who knocked down our buildings and attacked us on our own soil. We didn’t think it could happen. It did.

We defeated the Taliban and kept Al Queda at bay. We eventually found and killed the mastermind of the 9/11 attack,Usama bin Laden. Our soliders actually brought some stability to Afghanistan and gave them at least a taste of freedom for 20 yrs.They kept us safe for 20 yrs. This is what our service men and women did.

I think the reason Biden’s disastrous Afghan pull out hit so hard is because the Taliban advanced so quickly and seemingly wiped out 20 yr of sacrifice all in 1 day-the day they took Kabul. We weren’t at war when this happened. Truthfully the battle for Afghanistan had ended years ago. Our military was victorious. We can analyze what happened this week but to say we were at war at the time isn’t entirely correct.

We were basically keeping the peace. I’m sure we could spit hairs on that; it’s the way i see it and i could be entirely wrong. Someone wants to set this straight feel free to jump in with YOUR take in the comments. I never know as much as i would like to know and i don’t want to pretend i know things i don’t either. We’re talking about observing from a distance here.

Whether we should have been nation building is another story. People can debate that. You have to achieve a political solution.

However, i am totally convinced had Pres Trump been re-elected we wouldn’t be facing a disaster. The consequences of Biden’s poor judgement are enormous .We know Trump also intended to wrap it up in Afghanistan but we also know he would never have let this happen.

Obama called ISIS the JV team and allowed them to build a caliphate. Donald Trump went on the campaign trail and promised he’d bomb the _____out of them. Kept his word. The caliphate was destroyed in short order.

Trump did what Obama should have done. He let the military do what they are meant to do and got out of their way.

Our men and women were victorious in Afghanistan. It’s terrible that Biden used such poor judgement and it ended as it did but that takes away nothing from what our people on the ground achieved in 20 yrs. We’re seeing it through the lens of this weeks events. Not to diminish the far reaching affects of Biden’s decision but to ask we step back, look at the whole picture and separate the 2.

Our men and women achieved their mission. I hate to see that taken away from them. I know the fall of Kabul especially was a punch in the gut. We all felt it and then to see the tragedy unfold was even tougher.It’s still unfolding. We can thank our vets for their service in Afghanistan and other nations as well as at home. We can tell them job well done. We can thank them for keeping us safe and for giving another people their freedom.

#IStandwithBiden is trending on Twitter. don’t they understand what a failure he is?

Biden was forced out of hiding. He gave a 20 min read from a teleprompter re the fall of Afghanistan. His club of twitter admirers showed up to support him. There were no 81 million. Nowhere’s near either.That said,what were they cheering?

Joe patted himself on the back saying he stood by HIS decision. He wasn’t speaking to the disastrous pull out-he was referring to leaving Afghanistan period. They thought that was courageous. Newsflash people;THAT decision had already been made.

While Gen “Marxist” Milley was over here trying to get transgender surgeries,crt and woke culture implemented into our military, the Taliban were just waiting & ready to do their summer offensive. Joe made it real easy for them. He closed down our air bases and pulled out our troops. The direct consequence with this dead of night,sudden, pull out without a plan was that it left our personnel stranded at the embassy and left the Afghani military without the back up they needed. They no longer had intel, air support or contractors.

Here comes the Taliban and there sat all our ammo, weapons and hardware.

Our fearless leader was just on television but a few days ago telling the media it wouldn’t be like the fall of Saigon.

Squint your eyes real hard there Joe. It’s our embassy in KABUL.

Pretend to your admirers that you are a pacifist. Pretend you never support overseas intervention. They’re not old enough to remember or they’re old enough but weren’t paying attention. You voted for the War in Iraq AND the War in Afghanistan.

He keeps lying about Iraq-even the NY Times reported Joe’s position accurately.

 In October 2002, he was one of 77 senators who gave President George W. Bush the authority to use force in Iraq. 


Another newsflash people: Donald Trump opposed the war in Iraq all along.

Then Biden blamed the Afghan military, Pres Trump, the exiled President of Afghanistan and our own Intel community for the fall of Afghanistan and ended by saying the ‘BUCK STOPS HERE’ Do you get how those 2 statements are totally contradictory?

We knew the ‘it’s Trump’s fault’ was coming but the other 2 or 3 were a bit of a shock.

Do these people understand all the implications of Biden’s Afghan disaster? It wasn’t a pull out/withdrawal. It was a total abandonment without a plan in place. It emboldens the enemy as it certainly emboldened the Taliban. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran all understand the implications of Joe’s blunder. We have a weak, detached, ineffective (and i say INSTALLED)President who will fold like a cheap suit no matter what they do. He’ll just go into hiding.

Keep in mind that Twitter gave the Taliban a platform to communicate. i’d call that aiding and abetting the enemy. Yet, Twitter had banned our own sitting President while Trump was still in office.

We’re only talking about one of Joe’s foreign policy blunders, but his worst to date. i’m not getting into his domestic policy failures and there’s plenty of those too. You support Joe? We support our country. Right there is the difference between the MAGA movement and the Biden supporters.

Taliban Leaders Used Twitter and WhatsApp to Help Capture Kabul

As you read this keep in mind Dorsey had our own President banned.

Taliban leaders used Twitter and WhatsApp to spread propaganda and establish control over Kabul as they stormed the Afghan capital over the weekend. On Monday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that residents welcomed the Taliban and that “the situation in Kabul is under control.”

The jihadist group used WhatsApp to disseminate a similar message to Kabul residents as it entered the city. In recent days, Taliban leaders have circulated WhatsApp numbers that Afghan regime officials or soldiers could call to negotiate their surrender.

The Taliban has swept across Afghanistan in the weeks following Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops, capturing major cities with little resistance.

The Pentagon on Sunday deployed an additional 1,000 troops to Afghanistan to aid evacuation efforts as Afghans and Americans swarmed Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

Administration officials said in July that they expected a Taliban takeover to take months. The Taliban has used WhatsApp and Twitter for years to share official statements, but in the past week it has escalated its use of the platforms, using WhatsApp to announce new rules for Kabul residents.

On Monday, Mujahid tweeted a warning against looting and unauthorized intimidation of Afghan officials. The Taliban’s “complaint commission” posted WhatsApp numbers for city residents to call “if they face threats from anyone” and set up an emergency broadcast system via the app as well.

Source: Taliban Leaders Used Twitter and WhatsApp to Help Capture Kabul

I was 100% wrong about the Afghan military,100% correct about Pakistan & 100% correct in saying time for the Republicans to #IMPEACHBIDEN

It hasn’t been the best day here. My wheelchair is temporarily out of commission & i’m trying to fight off a severe headache. As much as i wanted to post an entry re Afghanistan and Biden am not up to it. Tomorrow is another day. Spent the day listening to analysis from several different perspectives. Had a change on my thinking re the Afghan military. It’s worth revisiting. Now, that doesn’t change Biden’s disastrous foreign policy decisions and subsequent horrifying withdrawal from Afghanistan.

If the Republicans don’t impeach Biden they truly need their heads examined.