Could the Republicans Grow One Now?

it’s called a spine


We’re going to talk about that. My question is for the Republicans. When are you going to grow a spine and impeach Biden? If you don’t do it now, you’re nuts.We have 19 Republicans up there led by feckless McConnell proud of themselves for their ‘bipartisanship’. You sell out the American people for bipartisanhip-when there was nothing bipartisan in the bill? All you did was hand Biden the only win he’d ever have and wreck our country in the process. Why would you even want to pass a bill with these people after everything they’ve done?They made life hell for us and our President for all 4 yr of his term and imho used fraud to win in 2020. Even the 2020 election aside they did plenty against all of us.You think you’re taking the moral high ground? They have no moral high ground. They’re corrupt.

Figure out what’s really going on here and IMPEACH BIDEN now!

Now for the Biden supporters who think there are no grounds for a Biden impeachment.

Ignoring immigration LAW-impeachable offense

defying a Supreme Court ruling-impeachable offense

Spyate-definitely an impeachable offense (including Tucker Carlson and Sharyl Attkisson)

Using the intel services to go after political opponents-impeachable offense

Inciting an insurrection-with Antifa and BLM -impeachable offense

Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine-impeachable offense


And that’s just for starters. Spygate itself contains several impeachable offenses. The Democrats were planning to impeach Trump BEFORE he took office. They said so on camera. They even tried to impeach him AFTER he left office (not sure how that works).

After everything the Democrats did to Pres Trump, his associates and even people who just supported him the Republicans are just sitting back while Biden takes a wrecking ball to the country. Worse-they decide now it’s time for bipartisanship and give Biden this horrible bill to sign. Wait till they’re up for re-election in 2022 and see what he does to them. They need to grow a spine NOW.

We’ve absolutely had it with the Republicans,in particular McConnell. BTW John Thune is not going to fly. He’s a McConnell prodigy. If you Republicans are going to roll over for the Democrats what reason would we have to vote Republican?

I can tell you  with certainty that the 18 Republicans who voted for the so called infrastructure bill may as well start packing now because they are going to get tossed out. i like Sen Graham too but i doubt my defense of him is going to save him in his home state. He brought this on himself. i thought he was more political savvy if not sharp enough to figure out the bill itself.

Biden is doing an incredible amount of damage to the country. If he’s not stopped soon it may be irreparable.  Impeach him; you have PLENTY of grounds.