Taliban Ban the Haram Covid Vaccine

According to a report the gnomes have banned the Covid vaccine saying it is Haram. Ban any travel from Afghanistan/Pakistan to the U.S. and leave these barbarians to their own devices.When you think the way they do you know what happens.


Bet they’ve been holed up over in Pakistan the whole time. You know-our ally, Pakistan. We just happened to find Usama there.πŸ˜‰

It’s finally over at least.Thank God for that! Do not leave weapons behind. If you’re planning to leave include moving out hardware in the plan. BTW,Biden, next time have a plan.

It is time to start arrangements for a Afghanistan War Memorial to honor all those soldiers who spared nothing in defense of freedom for 20 years.

They deserve our respect and thanks for all they did.

In their honor we can promise no more nation building. If there ever is a next time the goal should be to annihilate the enemy, PERIOD with overwhelming force or stay out.

Joe Biden has no idea what he’s doing. The left lies to themselves.Trust me, he’s going to blame someone else or everyone else. It certainly wasn’t him. He takes zero responsibility for anything. State run media covers his butt.

Here’s a thank you to all the soldiers who fought so bravely for so long. We certainly won’t forget your sacrifice. Remember, they’re voluntary, not drafted. They didn’t enlist to get free gender change surgery. They joined to defend our freedom; to fight them there so we didn’t have to face them here. When the CIC sends them, they go. They don’t need woke. They’re ready to lay down their lives for their country. If the other country isn’t willing to fight for their own country, we can’t do it for them.

They don’t need to be trained in CRT; they’ve been fully integrated for years. They need to be trained how to fight in the REAL battles. They are not civilians. They are soldiers. Gen. Milley is a disgrace. He should resign.

The men and women in uniform did not fail us. They can hold their heads high. Our leaders failed them.