Senile Idiot President Arms the Taliban!

America is a Republic!

Days ago, this person was pooh poohing the idea of a disastrous Saigon like retreat from embassy rooftops with allies being left, hanging on helicopter skids. Well, that is the least of our worries! His moronic sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan has gifted the rapidly advancing Taliban with millions in US Arms from M-16s and M-4, general purpose machineguns, mortars, artillery, and armored humvees…even a Blackhawk helicopter.

Joe Biden, The worst President in history and it only took him less than 8 months!

Lots of M-4s! “Praise Allah and da Joo Biden!” was heard through out the province. News at 11~!

Next, on HOARDERS…

“We would like to thank the Jo Bidaan for this .338 Lapua Sniper Rifle! The 308s were one heck of some juicy shizznits!”

“Would you look at all these fuckin heavy machine guns! Mohammed has blessed us .308 Medium Bang Gangers! Salem a lakem!”

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