Looks like Trump is going to have to clean up the Pentagon too

The DOJ has Trump supporters in their domestic terrorist sights. Actually the DOJ has a get Trump mission to carry out; while it’s carrying out it’s internal mission of CRT.

Forget Antifa,BLM and the rapid rise in crime. Defund the police is the answer. When that fails blame the other side. Use the Biden rule; nothing is my fault.

The FBI is too corrupt to salvage. They’ve been turned against our own citizens and there isn’t a whistleblower in sight to expose them. The day they did the military style raid on Roger Stone with state run media live streaming the event for them,it was clear it was over. Count the whole IC in. They were caught spying on an American President and a tv news host,Tucker Carlson,then leaking to the state run media. ALL ILLEGAL and none held accountable.

Now we learn the Pentagon has taken the same route.Joint Chief of Staff Chairman [General] Mark Milley’s big worry is CRT and transgender surgery in the military. They’re woke-they just won’t know how to win battles. When i saw the 2 mommy’s ad for the Army knew our military was done for. Who’s going to enlist out of love of country and patriotism? Nobody in their right mind.The inmates are running the asylum.

Kabul is falling. Follow the Biden rule; like everyone in these agencies nobody is held accountable because they have nothing to do with it. Least of all him.

Let’s talk about Afghanistan. Yes,we had to leave. We stayed too long for nation building. The truth is the population of Afghanistan is too far behind western civilization to catch up anytime soon. Our little plan to bring them up to speed with the rest of the world was futile. A waste of time, money, effort. The only way anyone could save Afghanistan would have been the education of the next generation but you’re looking at a Muslim country with a different set of rules,value and culture.You’re also looking at a country that rubs elbows with another Muslim country that isn’t truly an ally of ours, Pakistan. They know how to play both sides but i can tell you Pakistan is not on our side. Never has been.

Know why the Taliban win all their battles? They’re brutal. They follow no rules. What they can’t win militarily they win by fear and people rightly fear them. The only way you can win against the Taliban is to annihilate them and unless you’re prepared to do that, forget it. Biden did the worst thing possible. Remember Obama calling ISIS the JV team underestimating them? Months later they had built their caliphate. Trump did what Obama couldn’t be bothered with. He made up his mind to send in the military with a clear cut mission. Destroy the Caliphate. No nation building there; destroy the enemy.

Ok,maybe it would have been disappointing to leave Afghanistan as backwards as we found it but if we had had just one objective, destroy Al Queda and the Taliban whatever it took then leave, even the Afghan people would have better off.

Biden is Carter on steroids. Jimmy Carter had terrible policies but at least he had his wits about him and knew what was going on. Joe is lost. He runs to Delaware and hides out just like he did on his campaign.

Gas lines, inflation, weak foreign policy and now the fall of Kabul. Deja Vu. It’s the 70’s again. Can you imagine begging OPEC after we had just crossed the threshold of energy independence under Trump and gas was less than 2.00 gal in many locations?

Energy independence and a strong southern border. All gone. Now we’re down to begging OPEC and no border at all. NONE.

Biden better hope the Kabul embassy is evacuated in time or he’s going to have another disaster on his hands.

What we have here is a failed presidency in 6 months and the only thing he has going for him is state run media telling the people how fantastic he is.