We Have To Talk(before we have a failure to communicate)

There’s no way on earth i’m letting this go yet. It seems either the left is trying to cause an uproar with Dan Bongino (i don’t trust them)or some people are really apoplectic. To the point Dan is getting death threats.

It’s all over the Lindell symposium and the Trump interview on Unfiltered.

First of all, i am absolutely convinced Trump won and Biden was installed after a coup. i don’t need a symposium to convince me. The people who pulled it off bragged about it in Time magazine. They spelled out exactly how they did it-of course their version is that it was justified.

We saw the critical states had changed election laws and the Democrats kept telling us NOT to expect results on election night. That was a red flag. There was no reason to think there’d be a problem before the election was even held. They were up to no good.

We saw with our own 2 eyes what happened on election night. Everyone saw it.

We also know that Antifa was saying they were going to take out Donald Trump. The Democrats were saying from day 1 they were going to get him out. Were they corrupt enough to cheat? That’s a resounding yes. Remember when they came back to Congress in Jan 2021 the first act they tried to ram through was codifying election fraud. If they’re showing you what they are willing to do be assured they’ve already done it and it works.

You don’t have to convince the Trump supporters he won. There’s no way on God’s green earth Biden got more of the black vote than Obama. i’m sorry but you have to be pretty darned stupid to buy that.You’re not going to convince the left. Doesn’t matter either-even if they know it was a coup, they don’t care. No amount of proof will convince them otherwise if they believe it was legit.For those who know it was a coup it’s a waste of time. They’re fine with that.Their thinking is, whatever it takes.

The people you have to convince are all the other people and hope it matters to them. i’m waiting on the forensic audits, particularly Maricopa County in Arizona. We also have to be honest and admit to ourselves, what if Joe actually won? From everything i’ve seen it’s highly unlikely but there’s always that possibility. There’s always some fraud, so the main question is always, was there enough fraud for it to affect the outcome?. The answer is usually no,but there’s a first time for everything especially the way it was done this time.

The viewers at Dan Bongino [rumble]were mostly people who were having a fit because Dan did not cover the Symposium and some because they believe he deliberately cut off a question he was asking the President on Unfiltered. Now think about that-his OWN question in his own interview? The show went to commercial which Dan has no control over.

As for the symposium: Send him an email and ASK him politely why he’s not bringing it up at all.i know from listening to Dan for a long time when the left tells him in so many words-or outright demand it- NOT to cover a topic he let’s them know it’s HIS show and he will cover the topics he chooses.

I saw comments from people who were demanding he cover it or they’d unsubscribe. Evidently ppl are sending him emails calling him a traitor and scumbag and even sending him death threats. Dan has been a Trump supporter from day 1 and continues to be one of his staunchest supporters.

Nobody could wish Trump were in the White House more than Dan Bongino.

We all do. We believe he belongs there. We are convinced he won. i believe he won in a landslide that caught the cheaters off guard. The left doesn’t care even if it was a coup. i’m waiting on the forensic audits to be completed, especially in Maricopa County Arizona. I know once those are done and there’s a report or whatever they intend to do with it then Dan will have plenty to say on the topic. The next question is; then what can we actually do? i have no idea. We’re in unchartered territory at a terrible time in our country’s history.

I don’t see that attacking Dan and questioning his loyalty is helping the cause. Dan was one of the first to cover Spygate and expose it. He wrote a terrific book on it. i can’t see that making Lindell’s symposium a litmus test of Trump support is going to help either. Lindell is a good man. I watched the symposium. i’m giving him an A+ for effort. i just think the audits will be more conclusive for fence sitters. It changes nothing about my support for Trump. It does make me very concerned we’re willing to viciously attack another Trump supporter.Dan is one of several strong voices we have to speak for us when we don’t have that many.