Want to be the one to tell Press Sec Psaki?

Looks like the Biden admin is letting the Taliban know that if they don’t get their act together they can’t join the international community. Psaki gave them the ultimatum yesterday in a presser. Want to be the one to tell the Press Sec that the Taliban could give 2 flips about joining the international community?

Just sayin.

How are we coming along with moving the new Democrat voters into our country? In case you’re a Biden supporter that’s the illegals flooding into our country from the southern border.

We handed them voting rights yet? Are we waiting until we have 4 or 5 million illegals first? Nothing says good citizen like a non citizen who ignores our laws.

OPEC tell Biden to pound salt yet?

Any more Hunter Laptops turn up lost anywhere? Bet state run tv hasn’t said a peep.Thank God we have the FBI to cover up for Biden.They’re certainly keeping the laptop they’ve had under wraps. Sure his 81 million supporters are asking the same thing.

Let’s cut to the chase and tell you the main reason i’m writing an entry today. I’m going to continue to support Dan Bongino on Rumble and want it to be known.

I needed to say that? Unfortunately, yes. It seems that Dan has been getting a lot of nasty comments from some of his viewers. They must be sending him emails. They’re calling him traitor,scumbag and some were death threats. Why? All because 1. he wasn’t covering the topic of Lindell’s symposium 2. when he did the interview with Pres Trump on Unfiltered,  the show cut to a commercial break. They accused Dan of doing it deliberately; although Dan has no control over commercial breaks. 

Ever since i’ve started watching or listening to the Dan Bongino, he’s always picked out his own topics even when the left has pressured him NOT to talk about something. In fact, Dan will double down more. It’s his show. It’s called the DAN BONGINO show. Now it seems if you’re a Trump supporter you have to get behind Lindell’s symposium or else you’re not a true supporter. Dan was with our President from day 1 and STILL supports him. It’s unquestionable. In fact Dan was one of the first to unravel spygate. He wrote a fantastic book about it. Mike Lindell is a good guy but his symposium is not a make or break deal,ok?

Dan as you probably know was a Secret Service agent meaning he was willing to take a bullet to protect the office of the President. How can you justify calling him a traitor? He ran for office himself. You know how that puts you out there but he was willing to do it for the sake of the conservative values he believes in. Dan  has integrity written all over him. He supported Pres Trump from day 1 and still does. I’ve never seen any behavior from Dan that ever warranted calling him a traitor and scumbug. Death threats? Seriously people? That’s not support for Pres Trump. That’s obsessive behavior. It’s something Antifa would do. Please, i know we’re all frustrated and it’s been a tough time but let’s not go down this path attacking people on our side.We don’t do death threats to people on the other side either. i know being a Trump supporter is one tough road to hoe. The left has made his life hell and hasn’t treated us any better. Let’s hang in there and recognize what all the Trump supporters-Dan included-have had to go through. 

I’d expect this from the libs, not from his own viewers. We’re Trump supporters-me 100% & Dan 100% with real effort to back it up-  maybe we should have some self awareness?

Dan reaches a wide audience. If he started taking requests for topics now the show would nosedive. He either delves into the most relevant topics and prioritize  or he takes requests all day long. That’s not going to work.

Bottom line here; i’m sticking with Dan. Never been disappointed. He’s a real warrior on OUR side.He’s one of the reasons i keep my spirits up in this battle. We need his voice. 

Besides,i didn’t know supporting Lindell-which i do btw-was the litmus test for being a true Trump supporter.

Do a podcast. Put your name on it and talk about the Symposium all day long.

I was really sorry to see how his own viewers turned on him. We have so few conservative voices out there as it is. We don’t have to be lemmings like the left but we at least have to be unified in purpose.