my husband spoke to his pcp and he recommended the vaccine to him. i won’t say which one-to avoid the appearance of promoting a particular company. They decided that the risks to my husband from Covid far outweighed any risk he might take from a vaccine. This is how people should be making their own decision. Talk to YOUR doctor. Ask any questions you need answered. He/she knows your medical history & your current conditions. My husband was fine-no side effects. Some ppl do. The risk to him from Covid is extremely high. This may or may not be true for you. So that’s where i’m at with it. NO MANDATES. Talk to YOUR doctor(s).Good article here from Dragon Pundit. Summed up the main points.Please share. It’s an excellent blog with quick to the point reads.

America is a Republic!

SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE! One would think science explains everything in the universe the way folks talk about it. Science isn’t a goal or end, it is a PROCESS and one that relies on theories, data. and the testing that gives us a best case into our working knowledge but seldom produces absolutes. DATA is the fuel of science. I thought since we hear so many refrains of “SCIENCE” but no one knows what to believe, maybe we can look at the SCIENCE involving the SARSCov2 virus. Here is a rundown as i see it.

1: At first contact, the CDC and WHO forgot everything we know about virology, masks, testing, vaccine possibilities.

2: We started with a short lockdown to help the hospitals to keep up. More than 1 1/2 years later…who knows!? Where is SCIENCE???

3: Paper masks are miraculously effective against viruses…but worn by health pros mostly to…

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