still think they committed fraud to get this guy installed. But if they didn’t 74 million ppl did NOT vote for this crap and the supposed 81 million that voted for this imbecile had to be incredibly ignorant. The state run media is partially responsible for that. Not totally because if you wanted to know the truth you could find it.

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Senile Joe BidenJoe Biden has been part of every American policy which the rest of the world has disapproved of for nearly 50 years now. Joe Biden has utterly destroyed all the help given to the working class and the poor over the preceding 4 years. Joe Biden has wiped out untold numbers of jobs for Americans and destroyed America’s energy independence that was formed over the preceding 4 years.

While pretending to be “green” by slamming down U.S. oil production Biden is actually willing to keep the oil industry in other nations churning out even more oil to make up for what we are no longer producing. Joe Biden’s inflation is shrinking real income for American workers by the day. Joe Biden, a career criminal and accused rapist, allows bribes to flow into the Biden Crime Family via his pathetic son Hunter’s “art sales.”

Under Joe Biden, Washington DC corruption has…

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