Fine People.

excellent! please share folks. also, see you added book links. great recommendations. Could you add American Marxism by Mark Levin?

America is a Republic!

The hundred or so NOT SO FINE people.

A whole lot of nonsense has been pinging around as to what happened in Charlottesville. I have read several accounts from folks right here who were there and i have seen lots of the local film that has surfaced. It is apparent what Trump was talking about, in his own “Non-Prog” dialect. Here is what i have gathered.

Spencer and his goons of about 100 Nazis booked the park and were approved to protest the General Lee removal from Emancipation Park. The night before, these idiots had their silly torch march. The next day they and maybe as many as 100 more Nazi types gathered in one area. Thing is, Trump supporters and patriots with their flags and Mom and Pops dominated the park. There was tension between the statue protesters and the Nazi idiots. The locals are the folks Trump was…

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