still think they committed fraud to get this guy installed. But if they didn’t 74 million ppl did NOT vote for this crap and the supposed 81 million that voted for this imbecile had to be incredibly ignorant. The state run media is partially responsible for that. Not totally because if you wanted to know the truth you could find it.

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Senile Joe BidenJoe Biden has been part of every American policy which the rest of the world has disapproved of for nearly 50 years now. Joe Biden has utterly destroyed all the help given to the working class and the poor over the preceding 4 years. Joe Biden has wiped out untold numbers of jobs for Americans and destroyed America’s energy independence that was formed over the preceding 4 years.

While pretending to be “green” by slamming down U.S. oil production Biden is actually willing to keep the oil industry in other nations churning out even more oil to make up for what we are no longer producing. Joe Biden’s inflation is shrinking real income for American workers by the day. Joe Biden, a career criminal and accused rapist, allows bribes to flow into the Biden Crime Family via his pathetic son Hunter’s “art sales.”

Under Joe Biden, Washington DC corruption has…

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¡Hagan lío! Invitation to Bishops and Priests to Fast, Recite Leo XIII’s Exorcism Prayer on Vigil of the Assumption | Fr. Z’s Blog


In this moment of very serious spiritual and material crisis, in which the public Authorities support the plans of the New World Order and the Shepherds are silent accomplices in the face of the destruction of society and of the Church of Christ herself, it is our sacred duty to unite ourselves to the spiritual battle, aligning ourselves without hesitation under the banners of Christ our King and Mary our Queen.

Lord has given to Bishops and Priests the power to cast out demons in His Name. Already on Holy Saturday of 2020 many of them welcomed my appeal with generosity and a supernatural spirit. Today I intend to renew this appeal.

I ask, therefore, my venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and Priesthood to dedicate the Vigil of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to prayer and fasting, and to reciting the Exorcismus in Satanam et angelos apostaticos of Leo XIII (Rituale Romanum, Tit. XII, Caput III) [NB: Title XI, not XII], at the hour of 12 noon in Rome. [EDT – 0600]

This sacramental will be placed under the mantle of the most fearful Adversary of the infernal powers, so that the choral prayer of the Ministers of God will remove from the Church and the world the snares of the Enemy of mankind which today threaten society, families, individuals, and in a particular way the faithful of Christ.

The secularized world, and along with it not a few Shepherds, will be able to mock this appeal and the Exorcism itself, considering it the legacy of a past to be cancelled along with the Faith of our fathers.

But we know well that, although we are unworthy sinners, a power has been given to us by Our Lord which terrorizes the Gates of Hell and its servants.

In the silence and fasting which prepares us for the Feast of the Assumption of the Queen of Heaven, let us invoke the Most Holy Virgin, terrible as an army set in battle array [Cant. 6:9], and Saint Michael the Archangel, the Patron of the Holy Church and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts.+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

12 August 2021
Sanctae Clarae Virginis

Source: ¡Hagan lío! Invitation to Bishops and Priests to Fast, Recite Leo XIII’s Exorcism Prayer on Vigil of the Assumption | Fr. Z’s Blog

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) AZ Leaders Expose How Election Was Stolen In Their State – PAL Bulletin

Three of the main patriots who led the charge in the forensic fight in Arizona speak at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. Mark Finchem, Wendy Rogers and Sonny Borrelli talk in front of a crowd of patriots about what they went through during the whole Maricopa County, Arizona forensic audit. Representatives for almost every state attended the meeting. The Arizona leaders give tips to these representatives on problems to look for and how to resolve those issues. the Latest Palbulletin posts please visit: check out the latest on all of the battleground 2020 election audits at:

Source: Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) AZ Leaders Expose How Election Was Stolen In Their State – PAL Bulletin

SpecialEvents: (VIDEO) Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day 3 – PAL Bulletin

The Democrats have some explaining to do. They are trying to cover up their illegal behavior in any way possible. If you have not seen Day 3 footage of the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium then I highly suggest that you watch the video. #MAGA is being attacked in any way imaginable from these evil thieves. People need to stand up and have courage and don’t back down to the Deep State. Thank you Mike Lindell and all of the patriots who ran this American event. We needed this convention and the communists knew that this was a huge moral booster for true conservatives. Now we must do the next stage of this process. Hold these criminals accountable.

Source: SpecialEvents: (VIDEO) Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day 3 – PAL Bulletin

40% of Illegal Aliens Bused Into Texas City Test Positive For Covid-19 | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

Creepy Joe Biden wants more COVID restrictions/mandates on Americans, yet leaves the border open allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals in. Control and end of COVID is virtually impossible with this ridiculous brainless policy. (Arlin Report comment)

Source: 40% of Illegal Aliens Bused Into Texas City Test Positive For Covid-19 | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together


my husband spoke to his pcp and he recommended the vaccine to him. i won’t say which one-to avoid the appearance of promoting a particular company. They decided that the risks to my husband from Covid far outweighed any risk he might take from a vaccine. This is how people should be making their own decision. Talk to YOUR doctor. Ask any questions you need answered. He/she knows your medical history & your current conditions. My husband was fine-no side effects. Some ppl do. The risk to him from Covid is extremely high. This may or may not be true for you. So that’s where i’m at with it. NO MANDATES. Talk to YOUR doctor(s).Good article here from Dragon Pundit. Summed up the main points.Please share. It’s an excellent blog with quick to the point reads.

America is a Republic!

SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE! One would think science explains everything in the universe the way folks talk about it. Science isn’t a goal or end, it is a PROCESS and one that relies on theories, data. and the testing that gives us a best case into our working knowledge but seldom produces absolutes. DATA is the fuel of science. I thought since we hear so many refrains of “SCIENCE” but no one knows what to believe, maybe we can look at the SCIENCE involving the SARSCov2 virus. Here is a rundown as i see it.

1: At first contact, the CDC and WHO forgot everything we know about virology, masks, testing, vaccine possibilities.

2: We started with a short lockdown to help the hospitals to keep up. More than 1 1/2 years later…who knows!? Where is SCIENCE???

3: Paper masks are miraculously effective against viruses…but worn by health pros mostly to…

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Fine People.

excellent! please share folks. also, see you added book links. great recommendations. Could you add American Marxism by Mark Levin?

America is a Republic!

The hundred or so NOT SO FINE people.

A whole lot of nonsense has been pinging around as to what happened in Charlottesville. I have read several accounts from folks right here who were there and i have seen lots of the local film that has surfaced. It is apparent what Trump was talking about, in his own “Non-Prog” dialect. Here is what i have gathered.

Spencer and his goons of about 100 Nazis booked the park and were approved to protest the General Lee removal from Emancipation Park. The night before, these idiots had their silly torch march. The next day they and maybe as many as 100 more Nazi types gathered in one area. Thing is, Trump supporters and patriots with their flags and Mom and Pops dominated the park. There was tension between the statue protesters and the Nazi idiots. The locals are the folks Trump was…

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