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America is a Republic!

The Stasi Flag (East German Secret Police)

The most troublesome aspects of our western younger generations unearthed by social media is confusion over WHAT CONSTITUTES FREE SPEECH and the inability to deal with or respect other’s opinions that may differ. Young people seem to think anything that does not comport to leftism is Hate Speech. The very act of ignoring their pronoun demands produces sheer lunacy from the young on the Left. One only has to look on Twitter and Facebook to find folks that cannot respect differing opinions. Any deviation is heresy, bigotry, RACIST! It’s all group think and anybody outside of that group is THE ENEMY. What we are left with is just safe cliches and nonsense because tough concepts and deep issues require time and energy and the younger gens don’t seem up to it.

Free speech includes hate speech and thought provoking ‘Devil’s Advocate’ inquiry. Free…

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