Lindsey Graham

Since Sen Graham was recently diagnosed with Covid, anyone heard how he is doing?

prayers for a quick recovery

Shoot me-and you’ll probably feel like it after reading this entry-but i actually like Sen Graham.

There were times during Pres Trump first term Graham actually stood up for the President when nobody else would. Now we know Graham melted into the background when it mattered. i get that;but so did a lot of Republicans.

He did stand up forcefully for Bret Kavanaugh. Remember this?

Kavanaugh has been a profound disappointment but ALL the conservative justices except 2 have caved more often than not. After what everyone went through to get him confirmed it’s a shame.

Lindsey got a load of coin for his rep after the hearing. He was highly respected for weeks. He said something during the hearing that has stuck with me to this day.

“God forbid you people (Democrats)ever get power”!

They did. And yes they are every bit as horrible as you thought they would be.

I’ve always liked Sen Graham. If you listen to his speeches they get right to the point and he has a terrific sense of humor. He’s learned not to take DC too seriously.

On the flip side he was always on Hannity telling us what he was ‘going to do’ and never did.

Wouldn’t you know he’s one of the 17 IMBECILE Republicans who gave Joe the infrastructure bill he wanted.

Not good. I still like Lindsey. I just thought he was more savvy than to sign Joe’s piece of garbage. I hope it’s not his undoing but it could very well be. WTH was he thinking?

I know Lindsey gets under some people’s skin but of all the rats on the list of 17 i’m hoping Lindsey is at least one who can get another chance. His record has been sketchy. I know that. When he’s good, he’s really good and when he’s bad he’s terrible.

On the other hand Bill Cassidy was on the Ingraham Angle making a total fool of himself over the bill. He does know the Democrats will turn around and use it against him & the other 16? Laura couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Hard to process stupidity isn’t it?

Cassidy is one of the 17 we have to toss out the door. I’d give Lindsey a pass but i doubt people will and i can’t help him. Consider it at least, k? This is Mitch “Turtle” McConnell’s Republican party. Turtle has to go. Why is he still the minority leader? He’s always leading them over a cliff. No challengers?