Are We Crazy Yet?

Maybe just working on it,right?

Misinformation about Covid will get you kicked off Twitter,probably You Tube and FaceBook will send in the fact checkers. Go to Rumble and Gettr.

i’ll grant you a lot of information is all over the map but mostly it’s porn fear. You either fear the vaccines or you fear the virus. Or you think it’s the flu and could care less.

We have a Pres with dementia that couldn’t find his a** with both hands and a media who is trying to convince you he’s incredible. Remember these are the same people who gave us the Russia Hoax, told us BLM/Antifa were peaceful protestors although there were people who were murdered and assaulted. Cities that were burnt to the ground. These are the same people who hid Hunter Biden’s lap top and covered up the Biden’s connection to China. They think they should be trusted when they tell us what a great President Joe is.

Look,if they want to support Joe Biden that’s their business. It shows a lack of objectivity but as long as we’re not going to fall for their propaganda they can do whatever.

They’re not journalists. Keep that in mind.

Here’s some covid info.

It’s the China virus because it came from Chyna. It’s a bioweapon. Fauci knew it was being funded and he knew they were doing GOF research. He lied. Why isn’t he fired?

No, masks do not cut off oxygen. You can prove it to yourself. Get an oxymeter, wear a mask and check your oxygen level. Do they offer protection? Probably little to none. The N95 mask IS effective. Most of us don’t have an N95.

The N95 is the one Dr and nurses wear in hospital.

What they don’t want to tell you is that Covid is not going away. You know the expression how you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. That’s Covid-19.It dawned on me the other day. A lite bulb went off and my gut instinct said, that’s true. Remember when the goal was to flatten the curve? All that meant was we had to keep the virus in check enough not to overwhelm the hospitals and put a strain on our health care system. It never meant get rid of the virus per se.

We were warned that viruses mutate. They were keeping a close eye on Covid 19 to see what it did. Yes,it did mutate and now we have several variants. I’m not doing fear porn here. I’m just facing the reality of what we’re dealing with and getting on with it.

Pres Trump was right. China should be held accountable for the death and destruction. Fauci had a role in it. He should be fired. He gave the American people and Pres Trump ‘misinformation’. Nobody shut him up. It was more than misinformation. It was outright lies. President Trump was right when he said ‘open the schools.’ He pointed out we can’t do more damage than the virus itself. [The solution can’t be worse than the problem]. So he was right when he tried to get the focus on therapeutics.

Fauci is another one of the media’s misplaced heroes. He’s everywhere but where he needs to be.Remember some of their other heroes? Michael  Avenatti -the porn lawyer-who they thought would make a fantastic President. Gov Cuomo back then. They knew he sent the elderly to their deaths. They had to have known about his office escapades. Pres Trump did everything he could do to help Cuomo out during the pandemic. All Cuomo did was get on tv and complain that Trump wasn’t doing anything for him. LIE. The media worshipped the ground Cuomo walked on. What happened? They always have a motive. They don’t throw their own under the bus for nothing. It rarely happens.

Now their new hero is Fauci.

We better learn to live with this virus. We need reliable data. People should be talking to a family doctor; a trusted physician to determine whether they should vaccinate or not. Mandates will get in the way of the doctor/patient relationship. Frankly people are too skeptical now to listen to these people from the government anyway. I’m not worried about misinformation. i’m worried about lack of good information.

If it’s not based on reliable data it’s a waste of time. Even if something they say is true nobody is going to believe it anyway. IMHO people now have more faith in a dozen conspiracy theories you can find on the internet .You can hardly blame them. As for me-i’ve decided it’s time to be realistic. China unleashed a bioweapon that was designed to be highly transmissible and lethal. It’s a virus. It’s not going to vanish. Biden has no idea how to handle it and he’s letting infected people in through the southern border-illegals-while the media pretends they don’t see it. The Biden admin can mandate till the cows come home. It’s not going to stop the virus and it’s certainly not going to help the American people. They should be consulting with their family doctors and making their own decisions.

We have a worthless President who has no idea what’s going on. If this guy honestly won the election-which i HIGHLY doubt-shame on the American people for being conned into voting for him. Then there’s this tweet.

Trump gave us the vaccines through a program called Operation Warp Speed and this genius on Twitter credits Biden. He even thinks the infrastructure bill is fantastic. Twitter ban him for misinformation? Nope. Never happens.

The worst of it is, the guy probably thinks what he tweeted is true. He’s like the guy i met at reddit who called me a traitor because i have the blog supporting Trump. He probably still believes Trump was a Russian agent. What is wrong with these people? Do they have an aversion to looking up the truth? The media has fed them so much garbage they don’t know a thing about Spygate or Biden’s corrupt dealings with some of our enemies ie China. Bet they never heard of the Hunter laptop.

Social media bans a sitting President and they think it’s no big deal. My word, it’s hard to process the stupid we have to deal with.They think the Capitol break in was an insurrection. We’re in trouble when our own citizens don’t understand how dangerous this media propaganda is. The economy is going down the tubes and they’re in la la land. Crime is rampant through our cities and cops are in more danger of being killed than criminals.

They think Biden is doing such a terrific job and he’s such a wonderful pleasant person compared to that nasty Donald Trump. Look at that Biden smile-isn’t he such a nice man? So harmless and sweet. i’m sorry, but it’s total bull….t and infuriates me. Should infuriate everyone. Ask Justice Thomas what a sweetheart Biden is.

The Capitol break in was a waste of time. It was no insurrection by a long shot. Antifa was involved in an insurrection.Don’t take my word for it. They even said so. The REAL seat of power is the media,cable news networks specifically. Who on earth puts any stock in a bunch of people so stupid it hurts? Can you imagine they have that kind of power and make the kind of money they do.The media IS the enemy of  the people. 

owned by Chyna

Our FBI is corrupt. NSA is corrupt. Our intel community and State Dept are corrupt. For all we know the FISA court is corrupt. Our FBI director [Wray] is either corrupt or dense. The Justice Dept is going after political enemies for Biden. We don’t have enough good people left in these agencies for anyone to come forward and do the right thing by exposing them.

We traded Pres Trump for this? We were so much better off from 2016-2020.

The Republicans are too busy playing footsie with the Democrats. Where’s the impeachment? Evidently they’re not that interested in taking the House and Senate come 2022. Fearless leader Mitch ‘Turtle’ McConnell is leading them over a cliff.

Are we crazy yet? Hope not. We should be mad as hell. Can we at least save California and elect Larry Elder? (Check out my page, MAGA candidates. On the main menu).