Where George Carlin ALMOST got it right(husband loves good comedians)

George Carlin is still hilarious. Some humor loses its touch over time because the topics don’t fit the landscape of culture too well. Most comedic careers are relatively brief. They go off like a shooting star until the next one comes along.

People still seem to relate to Carlin well. My husband is one of them. I mostly remember Carlin as the hippy dippy weatherman. It’s the one routine that has stuck in my mind and would have me in stitches. Beyond that, not really.

To the point here, my husband was watching Carlin’s routine about God, whom Carlin was clear he did not believe in. Although i’m not sure why an atheist would make the topic that important for a supposedly non existent being.

Carlin begins with his horrible description of hell. Yep. True. He keeps it going for emphasis. Ok, George we get it. Hell is horrible. We know that and it’s for eternity. In the end Carlin says in the nicest voice possible ‘and God loves you’. What he’s implying here is how could a loving God allow people to go to such a horrible place. A loving God would allow us to freely choose our own destiny. A not loving God would force us to obey. So why does George think God doesn’t love when He gives us what our heart desires?

When Adam and Eve are caught Eve blames the serpent.She should have blamed her own lack of trust.The serpent was basically saying God is depriving you. They both decided they had to have the one thing they couldn’t have & didn’t need. Adam does even worse; he blames God. You[God]gave me this woman.

The next part of this routine he goes through a litany of all the horrible things in the world including poverty and hunger. Yes, George all those things you mentioned are horrible. Every day we see horrible things happening in the world. It’s called evil. If George had only made the connection between his description of hell, a loving God and the evil men can commit.

My good friend “Portia” says we hope for justice in this world and pray for mercy in the next. Amen, Sister Portia! You see,God sends no one to hell. His first gift, next to life, was free will. Adam and Eve weren’t forced to obey God. All they had to do was trust Him. They were warned about death. The first lesson was that choices have consequences. The freedom they were given was incredibly wide and the limit incredibly small. God said to them, ALL OF but one. God only gave us 10 commandments and Jesus summed them up in the command to love one another. People are free to choose their eternal destiny. A loving God allows us to freely choose good or evil. A loving God does not force us to obey. Look at it this way. If you wouldn’t want God as part of your life in this world, why would you want to spend an eternity with Him in the next? Choose wisely? Eternity is outside of time.

Maybe George put 2 and 2 together eventually. He had some of it right. All he had to do was think it through a little more.

Ted Cruz and #TrumpConspiracy are trending on twitter

this means some lefty got his panties in a knot. If you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. When are these people going to figure out we don’t care what they have to say anymore? Seriously. They’re stupid and irrelevant. They get to spread misinformation all day long too. The smartest thing i ever did was to get banned from Twitter. Why on earth should we keep Twitter going? Let it die.