The Infrastructure Bill Is the Royal Road to Communism

So who are the 18? This time, as opposed to my previous article, they must be named because—enough is enough—the job of our legislators is to represent the views of his or her constituents. I would be willing to bet my house that in no more than one or two of these instances, at best, is this even remotely the case.This isn’t always true. In some situations, most would agree, a person should indeed vote his or her conscience that might, temporarily at least, go against his constituents. But to say this kludge of a bill being rammed down the country’s throat—and, yes, I would like to see infrastructure improvement, as would most people—is such a situation is laughable.Some on the list, like Burr, are thankfully about to retire, but many are not.

For them, come primary time, you know what to do.

Roy Blunt of Missouri

Richard Burr of North Carolina

Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

Susan Collins of Maine

Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

Mike Crapo of Idaho

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

Chuck Grassley of Iowa

John Hoeven of North Dakota

Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Rob Portman of Ohio

Jim Risch of Idaho

Mitt Romney of Utah

Thom Tillis of North Carolina

Todd Young of Indiana

Source: The Infrastructure Bill Is the Royal Road to Communism

Murkowski, Romney, McConnell and Portman are no surprise. Murkowski of Alaska always votes with the Democrats. Nothing new there. She’s in the wrong party. It’s usually her and Susan Collins together that side with the Dems. I am a bit surprised that Senators Graham and Grassley would fall for it. They’re usually at least a little politically savvy. McConnell throwing some weight around there?