America is a Republic!

Is it resurging? Does the vaccine work? Does it work against Delta? Is Delta deadlier? Is it more communicable!?

We can’t seem to get any trusted advice from science, politics, or media.

I will attempt to put it in perspective.

-The vaccine targets alpha strain. The numbers show it works against Alpha.

-Over 160 million have been vaccinated. What nobody talks about is WHO they are. Anecdotal evidence seems to show a Herd Immunity is building. If children do not die from COVID19 and the Elderly are vaccinated and segregated, Most of active Americans are vaccinated.

-One problem with the media: it keeps reporting tests for antibodies as COVID19 but this is WRONG! COVID19 is the given name for the sever respiratory illness caused by SARS2Cov virus. Tests measure antibodies, which folks who were sick and recovered have but also vaccinated people trigger false positives. COVID19 needs a physician’s diagnosis…

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