Politics,YES. Covid,NO!! (confirmed by a you tube chat)

President Trump joined Dan Bongino tonight on his new show Unfiltered on Fox. Fortunately,someone uploaded the stream to you tube. We don’t have cable tv so we have to rely on you tube and rumble to watch any cable news. The good news is it doesn’t matter. We VOLUNTARILY dropped all cable tv.Cable news is a joke and a lot of tv programming is garbage. Not worth the money we’d have to pay for it.

On the down side we can miss shows like Unfiltered so i have to scour the internet to find them. There are people who will upload them; it’s just not particularly reliable.

Anyway, I was watching Unfiltered on the you tube channel when the chat turned to the topic of vaccines.

One person chimes in and says people have to make up their own minds and in the next comment he says, DO NOT GET THE VAX (caps are his).So much for making up your own mind.

The horror stories take off now. One lady says she knows 7 people who died from a vaccine. i asked which state. She said i’d have to go to VAERS reports to get that information. Now wait a minute. She said she knew-as if she personally knew-7 who died.I don’t doubt her word that it happened but this is out of context.She offers no background information.

i know people PERSONALLY who have had one vaccine or another and they’re fine. Doesn’t prove anything either. Not enough context.

I’m then told the vaccine contains SM 102 and it’s anti freeze. Yes, the Moderna vaccine contains SM 102. i don’t know that SM 102 IS[pure] anti freeze but the ingredients in all the vaccines are public knowledge. If you don’t know what they are you can always look them up or i’m sure if you ask your own pcp he/she can tell you.

SM-102 is a lipid molecule. (A lipid molecule is a molecule that does not dissolve in water.) The molecule helps form the lipid nanoparticles in the Moderna vaccine. (A lipid nanoparticle is an extremely small amount of matter that doesn’t dissolve in water.)When used for things other than medicines, SM-102 is sometimes mixed with chloroform. That’s why websites like caymanchem.com list warnings for SM-102, because of the chloroform. When mixed in this way, it’s not meant to be consumed by people.


Another party chimes in and here it comes; the vaccine is being used for depopulation. The most vulnerable to covid are the elderly and last i knew they weren’t having babies. I’m not sure who is behind this depopulation but i do know abortion is killing enough babies to do it and letting people die from Covid itself would surely do it too. They don’t need these vaccines to depopulate the planet.

i then put my .02 worth in and reminded people the vaccines are Pres Trump’s baby,not Bidens. Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed to save lives.

Finally, the nail in the coffin was ‘Covid is a lie’. It’s just the flu they say. So now we don’t have to hold China accountable. We can’t believe our own eyes there was a pandemic.

Yes, people who have had the vaccines are still getting Covid. People who get the flu shot aren’t guaranteed they won’t get the flu but if they do the symptoms are usually milder and less apt to be life threatening. When a vaccinated person gets Covid it’s considered a break through infection.

I understand that they have found the vaccinated have as much viral load as the unvaccinated. i don’t know what that means in terms of the effect on the person. Here is what i have said all along; talk to YOUR family doctor and other trusted doctors you have a relationship with. Make a decision based on YOUR situation and medical condition. They will know. Yes, the virus is contagious. Yes, it is serious. Yes, it can be deadly. However, getting fear porn on the internet is not going to help anyone make an informed decision. Whether that’s fear of the virus or fear of the vaccine. What’s the difference?

My conclusion to these people was to talk to their own family doctor and other doctors they have a trusting relationship with, ask the questions they need the answers to and make up their own minds. That’s where i’m at with the whole debate on vaccines. I’m tired of the arguments and screwy information on both sides. You do you, I’ll do me.

The people on the left are thinking everyone is going to get covid and die if people don’t get vaccinated. People on the right are thinking everyone who gets a vaccination is going to die from the vaccine. Has fear porn settled in on both sides? As far as my blog is concerned the topic is over.

The chat confirmed it’s a darned good idea.

Facts i DO know: Fauci should be investigated and fired or the other way around. Doesn’t matter much which way as long as he’s held accountable. He lied to the American people and the President to cover his own butt. He knew what the Coronavirus was all along and how dangerous it was but he was involved with funding the Wuhan lab.He had to cover it up. He KNEW they were doing GOF research. He KNEW we were paying for it. He KNEW darned well it wasn’t from some Chinese Wet Market. I guarantee that’s why he down played the risk of the virus in the beginning. Eventually he couldn’t get away with it. It was spreading and people were dying. Hard to downplay.

The CCP is directly responsible for the death and destruction inflicted on the U.S. and the world. The virus was created as a bioweapon. There’s no 2 ways about it. Nobody should be fooling around with this stuff. PERIOD. There shouldn’t be a lab anywhere on the planet involved in GOF research. We shouldn’t be contributing a dime to a lab that is even suspected of it.

Pres Trump is right. The CCP has to be held accountable. You think Biden will do anything? Don’t hold your breathe. China owns Joe and his family.

“It’s the China virus because it came from CHYNA”.

Steve Bannon’s War room had a guest, Dr. Kevin Homer, a pathologist who had a great interview with Bannon re the Covid vaccines. He talked about what he knew from experience, provided information not fear mongering and nothing outside the area of his expertise. Interesting. Worth giving a listen. Bannon’s description is a little hyped. The comments that followed were way off topic. It’s a good discussion with Bannon if you stick to what the Dr. actually says.