I’m not going to bring up this topic anymore. Furthermore, i will not be posting any information from outside sources on this topic.

President Trump set into motion Operation Warp Speed. It’s his baby,not Biden’s. Given the deadly nature of the Coronavirus and its transmissibility combined with lack of knowledge about the virus i’m sure he had the best of intentions and no other route.  

I get people’s reluctance to take any of the vaccines. We don’t like unchartered territory.I also get that some people have adverse reactions to vaccines period so it’s understandable why some people simply can’t get a vaccine even if they wanted to.

My husband had one of the vaccines. He spoke to our pcp and given his age and comorbidities, as well as a likely weakened immune system from a previous infection they decided getting Covid-19 was a bigger risk than the vaccine. My blog is not the place to get medical information or decide what is best for YOU. My husband had plenty of good reasons to get the vaccination but that was a personal decision he made after consultation with his doctor.He had no side effects, but that’s him.It may not be what happens to you.

Talk to your family doctor. Talk to all your trusted physicians that have treated you over the years. Get a vax,don’t get a vax;wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. i don’t care. Personally, i think there are people who are trying to be persuasive and pick a side they are convinced is right and feel it’s their job to tell you what is right.

i’m done. i was never on either side anyway. It’s the side of you do what’s right for you. From time to time i’d blog some of the information out there but that was for you to read and decide for yourself what it meant for your situation. At this point though i am done altogether. The arguing doesn’t help the situation. Each side feels righteous and with that kind of mind set we are not going to get anywhere. We’re certainly not going to help anyone make an informed decision. If anything it sends everyone into their own corner.

Fauci should be fired though. He lied to the American people and President Trump because he was covering up the funding of GOF research at the Wuhan Lab. How he has not been investigated and fired or the other way around-either way is fine-is beyond me. This is too egregious to let slide. Pres Trump is right. The CCP should be held accountable. Fauci should be held accountable for his role in it.The governors who ordered Covid infected people into nursing homes should be held accountable. Finally, nobody should be fooling with GOF research in ANY lab. The only purpose of that type of research is the development of a biological weapon and even if that weren’t the case it’s nothing to be fooling with anyway. You’d think that would be obvious by now.