TOTALLY Committed #Trump2024

#TOTALLYCommitted Larry Elder for Governor of California


Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day


#SaveCaliSaveAmerica #RecallNewsome

Must turn out the vote!!! Support his campaign with a donation. Newsome is going to have all kinds of cash flow. He has no cap on what he can raise. They will throw everything and the kitchen sink at Elder. Not this time lefties. You’re Marxists, you’ve destroyed what was once the place to go and now no one can escape fast enough, you do total character annihilation of good people.

This vote may be more important than 2022 and 24. Monumental. You know the left is going to do everything in their power to stop it. We must be as determined to win for Elder as they are to beat him. He’s a good man with good policy ideas and he’ll do everything he can to turn the state around. Elder is a native Californian. 

now that’s an endorsement!

TOTALLY Committed to win the House and Senate 2022. NO RINOS this time


This guy has got to go and it doesn’t mean replace with his prodigy John Thune. Mitch is pushing him and that right there is a red flag. Somebody wake the Republicans up. They’re capitulating to Biden and sleeping the rest of the time. They either want to win in 2022 or they don’t but they can’t take our vote for granted. We need warriors.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TOTALLY Committed to President Trump #2024πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Yes, Ron DeSantis is a terrific governor. We have a lot of terrific Republican governors and some really crappy ones too[Georgia. hope ya vote Vernon Jones next time. Check out the MAGA candidates page].

Ron is getting a lot of headlines. He’s in a position to do that. Pres Trump no longer has the bully pulpit of the Oval office, he’s been banned across all major social media and he can’t enact policy. His presence is somewhat limited compared to DeSantis.

DeSantis can enact policy in one state- Florida. Trump was the CEO of the United States and had a hostile legislature to deal with, a bunch of Rino’s, some Never Trumpers and the Deep State..It’s amazing he accomplished as much as he did. He earned a 2nd term.DeSantis has a co-operative legislature in a state. He’s not governing a whole country. Makes a big difference. i have nothing against Gov DeSantis. He’s done a fantastic job with Florida but i’m not prepared to vote for him for POTUS in 2024 either. Some people have gotten upset with me because they think i’m knocking the governor. Response? Oh well…if some people don’t get it, not my issue. We’ll have to find areas of agreement. Sure we have them.

Besides ,the higher the office, the larger the target for the Dems.Trump was a huge threat to them and to the Republican establishment. When you’re in a position like that you’re doing battle on both sides.

i am convinced Trump won in 2020. When the evidence proves otherwise i will accept it. Until then they better continue to audit in the key states and let the American people see the results.

Regardless of how any of the governors are doing, including DeSantis, my vote in 2024 is reserved for Trump and the 2nd term he earned and likely won.

I will not be convinced otherwise. He was a great President. Did he have some flaws? Sure. Ronald Reagan had his and nobody would deny he was a great President in spite of them. Do i have to enumerate Trump’s to make a point? Nope. I never give the opposition ammo.

History will get to judge his presidency. i get to judge whether he ought to be elected or not.

You see, i don’t allow the lying media to write the narrative. These are people who deny objective reality. These are people who hate the truth. These are people who don’t get that abuse of freedom is not freedom. These are people who are not willing to admit how corrupt they really are and change course. The worst conspiracy theorist who thinks Elvis is still alive, Hitler is hiding in Argentina, the earth is flat and Area 51 is hiding aliens is not as great a threat to our republic as a corrupt media. Not even close. I’ll be blunt and some people might not like it, but our so called ‘journalists’ are assholes. They mean nothing to me. The damage they have done to our country is irreparable. They should be ashamed of themselves; instead they think we are the problem.

“it’s called the China virus because it comes from CHYNA”

When the time comes for President Trump to pick his running mate, i have to say this, it cannot be Mike Pence again. Pence may have been a good man and strategically the best choice in 2016 but it’s not going to fly in 2024. i don’t like to cut him down & destroy what good character he has left but his failure to stand up for the President when it was most needed is all i need to know. His failure to stand up for General Flynn wasn’t much better.

i don’t care who President Trump picks as long as it’s NOT Pence. He wouldn’t have the support needed anyway. A shame but he brought it on himself.

I’m sticking with Trump. I don’t have time for the lying media, never Trumpers, RINOS, back stabbers (ie Mitch McConnell) or people who jump ship. In the end we will win.

Be sure to watch Unfiltered this weekend with Dan Bongino and his special guest, President Trump! We don’t get cable tv so i’ll have to hope for a replay somewhere. It should be interesting and definitely worthwhile.