Reshaping America: Soros Funds Group To ‘Dismantle’ Minneapolis Police Department

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By Joseph Vazquez ~

Leftist billionaire George Soros has clearly adopted the defund-the-police movement into his nefarious political agenda to reshape the United States in his image.

Fox News reporter Joe Schoffstall(who previously worked at the Media Research Center) reported that Soros is “fueling an initiative to ‘dismantle’ and replace the Minneapolis Police Department, campaign finance records show.” One group within the Soros philanthropic network, the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), reportedly gave $500,000 to “Vote Yes 4 Minneapolis in November” only “one month after it was established, the records show,” Schoffstall said.

Vote Yes 4 Minneapolis, as Schoffstall described it, is a collective of “at least” 33 activist organizations “pushing a ballot initiative to amend the city charter to replace the police department with a public safety agency.” [Emphasis added.]

Vote Yes 4 Minneapolis has raked in over $1 million dollars since the Soros contribution…

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