AOC Gets Heckled By Her Own Crowd – Has To Be Rescued By Staff To Avoid Answering Questions [VIDEO]

About time they figured her out

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Source:B.K. House

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-D) is so full of herself (among other things), that she thinks she can just show up to events, surrounded by her adoring base, and never have to offer them anything more than just a meaningless word salad, replete with empty Democrat talking points.

Imagine the contempt she has for her supporters thinking they’ll accept anything so long as it spills out of her mouth and is delivered using condescending rap-like hand gestures

Recently, AOC spoke at an event, where it appears she took credit for the CDC’s (illegal) eviction moratorium extension which runs till October 3rd. The moratorium was extended at the request and approval of the Biden administration which is increasingly hostile to the working class, some of which own rental properties as investments to carry them through retirement.

The self-important representative had to be rescued when someone started asking her uncomfortable questions…

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