BOMBSHELL: Former National Intelligence Director Says ‘Every Piece Of Evidence’ Proves COVID-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab.

Fauci knew all along. it’s why he downplayed the virus at first. a CYA move.

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to Give ‘No Significant’ Boost to Economy: Wharton Study. No Kidding


An expert analysis shows that the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill now winding its way through the Senate would have “no significant effect” on economic growth, delivering a counterpoint of sorts to the White House view that the deal “will generate significant economic benefits.”The University of Pennsylvania’s Penn-Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), released Aug. 5, found that the infrastructure proposal “would have no significant effect on GDP by end of the budget window (2031) or in the long run (2050).”At the same time, the Wharton model predicts the proposed bill would raise government debt by 1.3 percent in 2031 relative to baseline, with the impact tapering somewhat to 0.9 percent above baseline in 2040 and 0.6 percent in 2050.

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From No Blog to Trump Blog (slight edit Aug 6)Can You Help?

Maybe 10-15 yrs ago i would have had no idea what a blog was about or what purpose they served. i knew they were on the internet and they were mainly for journalists. Clueless, right?

No Time to Blog

It was that 10-15 yr ago my dad was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Mom cared for him at home. She needed a hand. She had her own battle with cancer. These 2 great people passed away within a year of each other. Dad passed away first on July 23rd and mom passed away a year later on June 23. I wouldn’t have been thinking about doing a blog anyway nor had the time. i was with both of them every day until the day they left us. I always thought of them as being forever young so i can’t help but think of all the years i took them for granted. I thank God for the opportunity to be there for them in their final years. There were other family members who would have been more than glad to help too but their circumstances made it virtually impossible.

Spare Time

I was interested in computers though in the spare time i had ; just not in social media necessarily. From time to time someone would drop by with a computer that needed fixed. I made a little money but nothing to write home about.

i never wanted to charge much. Partly because the people that showed up had already been taken to the cleaners. It’s like taking your vehicle in to be fixed and if you don’t know enough about cars you can wrack up quite a bill. The other reason was simple. i wasn’t certified to do repairs. I was learning more over time. It was mutually beneficial. Can’t put a price on that.

Word Press

I think that’s what led me into finding online journals eventually. There were 3 that had a good rep. Blogger, Live Journal and WordPress. There were some with less brand recognition too. After a close look i had to go with Word Press. Sometimes WP can be a little glitchy[like today] but the themes, customizing and professional look make it worth it. I also discovered that regular folks can blog and a lot of them are darned good.

It was going to be a personal blog with some music commentary thrown in. I honestly had no real direction for it-other than a chance to write every now and then and highlight some artists along the way. Again, clueless, but it was a start. It was meant to be entertaining, not informative. I was sure that was it was the best i could do.


I was not sure of who i wanted to vote for but i was definitely sure of who i did not want to vote for. It was a huge field on the Republican side. Remember that? It was crazy. You had to wonder who wasn’t going to run. In the end the 3 i could vote for were Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Donald Trump.

The rest were on the never vote for list. You can figure out who they were by process of elimination. i didn’t know what the swamp or deep state was, YET. i just knew Hillary Clinton was the establishment pick on the Democrat side and Jeb Bush was the establishment pick on the Republican side. We knew about the establishment at least. They were too obvious. Ted Cruz was my 1st choice, but Ben Carson was starting to look promising.

Donald Trump entered the race and soon enough he would be the choice for me. Admittedly it was Cruz 1st and Carson 2nd in the beginning. i came around to Trump way behind my husband.Then it was all in. This is the focus my blog took and i changed the name,the theme and the topics. Everything. It took a whole new direction and total dedication.

It wasn’t just about having a blog anymore. It was about the election,PERIOD. i realized we were on a tight budget but i went pro in spite of it. It’s been pro for 3 yrs. including the year my husband’s health had a sudden and unexpected crisis.


He’s doing fine now. Cleveland Clinic gets the credit for being a life saver. God is due credit for being the ultimate life saver. He was close to death. Without the Clinic and God almighty i doubt he would be here.

He has some minor issues due to 2 strokes; compared to what the strokes could have done to him they ARE minor.i won’t go through the whole ordeal here-i’ve written about it several times-but i will say it was a serious and stressful time for us.

At the time i was on twitter as well with some 10k followers. i sent out any number of tweets in desperation asking for 1.00 donations to help us pay for the Cleveland trips. The thought was, with 10k followers and even half of them donating 1.00 we could come up with the funds.

Well, needless to say, i didn’t collect a penny. Go fund me was out. i used it before to try and raise funds for other causes and did about as well there as i was doing on twitter.

The expectation i hope for now is to make up for the 3 yrs i put out for a pro blog and the hit we took over the Cleveland trips. i’ve made pro each year of those 3 yrs by the skin of my teeth.

We’re still digging our way back out from what we spent on Cleveland and some other unexpected expenses that came up at the same time. It can be that way. As soon as you think you’re finally on your feet, things go wrong out of the blue.

It wouldn’t be so bad, except it’s bad timing.I have a subscription with the Epoch Times as well because i’m adamant that for a blog that focuses heavily on news/current events it helps to have one good news source. They’re it and the cost is reasonable.

i worry now that by the time the Word Press bill comes due again i may not make it. I put up the donate button back when i was calling out on Twitter (was banned recently). Now that we’re still trying to get back to normal here i decided to leave it up and set a goal. i didn’t want it to go on indefinitely. It’s not necessary.

I did look for an affiliate program and the only one that seemed to offer the program anymore was Amazon. i advertised books with topics of interest ie Dan Bongino, Mark Levin and other conservative authors.

Didn’t sell a single book. Amazon dropped me out of their program. My husband and i thought about doing podcasts on You Tube and monetizing them. To be honest,i’m not crazy about a live stream; prefer writing and print.

There’s so many out there as it is, one more is not going to cover anything that isn’t already covered. Finally, you tube censors conservatives. i’d just as soon not let them make a dime for anything.

Thank You!

Two people have donated here so far and i’m especially grateful to both of them. For the financial help it is [more than they know] but the morale boost as well. i would put the time and effort into the blog regardless but it does boost your spirits to know that someone thinks the time and effort is worth something. Does that make sense?

What i’m trying to say is that the donate button is still up and am hoping to reach the 200.00 goal soon. Once it gets there,the button is coming out and i’m not asking for a penny more than we really need. PERIOD. i didn’t start the blog as a money maker. I didn’t expect we’d be traveling to Cleveland either[great city btw, terrific people].

The main goal is the MAGA movement, keeping the Trump Train rolling, supporting other MAGA candidates, keeping patriots like you folks encouraged[it’s been a tough year] and winning in 2022 and 24 with Trump. I want the information i try to provide here to be credible, honest and useful.