Where Are the Republicans?

Joe just thumbed his nose at the Constitution. You’re not going to impeach?

McConnell is still the minority leader getting John Thune ready to replace him. Hell no! We’ve had it with McConnell and Thune is McConnell 2.0. After Boehner, Ryan and Turtle can you please get a real leader?

Gohmert, Gaetz and Greene are the only people standing up for the imprisoned from the Jan 6th break in at the Capitol. Where are the rest of you standing up for due process and looking into the allegations against the prison facility?

Who’s speaking out against the so called infrastructure bill? Cassidy was on the Ingraham Angle making an ass of himself. We are NOT interested in bipartisanship.We’re done with it. All ‘bipartisanship’ means is giving in to the Democrats and having them turn it around to use against you.Wake up!

You asked for bipartisanship when Trump was in office. What did you get?

The Russia Hoax, Spygate, 2 impeachments and an insurrection in our cities-including D.C. -by Antifa/BLM. Ask Sen Rand Paul how tolerant those people were to him and his wife as they were leaving the Republican convention. i don’t think the Democrats gave a hoot about ‘bipartisanship’ when Trump was President.

They’ve all been spitting on our constitution for the past 4-5 yrs. and Joe tops it off with admitting he won’t uphold and defend our constitution either. Didn’t he take the oath of office this year?

Impeach and if it fails once-try again. If anyone deserves to be removed from office it’s fake President Joe.

You want to win in 2022 or hand it over to the Dems? Toss out McConnell, reject Thune, elect a real leader, impeach Biden and kill the ‘infrastructure’ bill.

Start standing up for the people you supposedly represent.

The Dems are threatening to pack the Supreme Court. Let em. You can always come back and add the next time around. If they can do it, so can you. Let’s call their bluff. Joe doesn’t care how they rule anyway. Once the threat is gone, what can they do? If they would actually go ahead and do it they would [absolutely] kill their chances of re-election in 2022. Again, call their bluff. Give them enough rope they’ll hang themselves.