We Pay Our Rent (Edited 8.6.21)

A few days ago we paid this months rent. We always pay our rent. In fact it’s the first thing we do every month. No matter where we’ve lived the rent has always come first.

Sometimes it hurts-such as when we had to go to Cleveland for my husband’s open heart surgery while at the same time other expenses came up. We managed.

We almost bought a house once. The deal fell through at the last minute. We were scammed. The realtor who was working with us was scammed as well. It’s too long a story to get into, needless to say we were very disappointed. Worse, we lost the home we were living in-the same one we had hoped to buy. The owner was willing to rent it to us,until and unless it was sold. Two years later it was sold.We had nowhere to go and put up an ad. It was answered and we moved again. Were it not for the gentleman that responded to the ad we might be living in a tent at this point. We’ve been here a little over 7 yr now and never missed a rent,even through the difficult time of my husband’s illness.

You see the landlord has bills too. He counts on that income every month. It helps him to know he can count on us and not have that to worry about. He has a mortgage/taxes on this house to pay. It’s not free for him either.

The rent is high so believe me there’s been times when we hand him that money we wish we could keep even half of it in our own hands, but i’m sure when he goes to pay some of it on his bills he feels the same way.

When we think back to our youth-which for some of us is getting further & further away-and we lived with mom and dad we didn’t realize we had it made while they were paying THEIR bills. You can’t live there forever nor would you want to.So this is part of growing up and living in the adult world.You pay rent or mortgage,one or the other,and bills.

We love it here. We moved out of my old hometown and ended up in a place we never gave any thought to. Yes, it was heartbreaking at first but we’ve so fallen in love with it here we will never go back until it’s time for us to be put to rest. Besides after a certain age you’re just in no mood or shape to do all that packing up and moving again. We’re grateful to have a home. Sorry to lose the home we really wanted but if that had never happened we’d have never enjoyed the gorgeous sunsets and cool breezes out on our front deck here.

i’m willing to bet MOST of the people who stop by the blog pay their rent/mortgage/taxes too. Yes, there are slum lords. There are also good people who invest their money to buy properties and try to be reasonable in what they expect from a tenant. Sometimes they get the shaft by renters who either damage the property or fail to keep up with the rent; sometimes both.Most landlords are good people and most tenants are responsible individuals. There’s always a few of the other on both sides.

Just sayin Joe. People like you live in a fantasy world and some of you are corrupt to boot. You have funds coming in because you’re owned.Mostly by China.

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