Message to Republican Pro Life Governors. Biden can ignore the Supreme Court-so can you.

The Supreme Court said that landlords can evict tenants who do not pay rent. They cannot extend the Covid exemption for rent payments. Ok-you can ignore the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. You see,the CDC does not have the authority to legislate. Congress can pass a law; not the CDC. It’s unconstitutional.

Isn’t it something that President Trump accepted Supreme Court rulings even when they ruled against him. Biden-he can do whatever he wants regardless of what the Supreme Court rules. Who’s going to call him out?

Trump was a tyrant? Wrong guy.

You’re a Republican governor; make abortion illegal in your state. The Supreme Court says we have to recognize same sex marriage. Guess we don’t.

We have to pay taxes? Says who?

If it’s good enough for Biden , it’s good enough for us. If he’s above the law, we’re above the law.

Can you imagine if President Trump had done this? Now let’s see if the Republicans can grow a spine and bring articles of impeachment against him.