Chicago Prosecutors Will Try To Block Trump’s $1 Million Tax Refund

The Democrats are never satisfied unless they can totally destroy their opponents. The Republicans lose because they always try to play nice w/ these people.

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Source:  Emily Zanotti

Chicago owes former President Donald Trump a million-dollar tax refund but the Cook County State’s Attorney, which is typically focused on handling the city’s crime, will mount an effort to block Trump from receiving his check.

The Hill reports that the “Cook County state’s attorney is seeking to block a $1 million tax refund that the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board ruled is owed to former President Trump on his Chicago skyscraper’s 2011 tax bill.”

The building was “over-assessed” according to a unanimous vote of Illinois’ state property tax board, but the Cook County States Attorney says the city should not pay, since granting Trump his refund would take money out of the pockets of Chicago taxpayers — even though the money was never the city’s, to begin with.

Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney, “filed a lawsuit this month with the Illinois…

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