From Engagement La-La Land to Marriage Reality Land

For the past 30 years, my husband, Mike, and I have spent time with engaged couples preparing for marriage through the Pre-Cana program.

In the early years, each couple came to our home three times, and we’d spend about two hours exchanging ideas about marriage and family.

It was a challenge fitting these Pre-Cana evenings into our lives while raising four sons, but it helped Mike and I keep a vigilant watch over our relationship.

To say the couples arrived with a bit of apprehension would be an understatement. Occasionally, they’d sit with arms crossed, on opposite sides of the couch.

We imagined on the drive over they must have been “discussing” seating arrangements, meddling future in-laws, and “Why in the world are we doing this Pre-Cana thing?”

By our third evening together, they were hugging us goodbye and giving us gifts.

About 15 years ago, we were asked to present Pre-Cana programs for groups of couples. Preferring the privacy of our home, we reluctantly agreed.

Our first group was wonderful. I had never been in a room with so many affectionate soon-to-be grooms. They reminded me of when Mike used to “gaaaze” at me!

Just before we began the program, I asked Mike what would be “the one thing” he would like to tell the young people. Without a moment’s hesitation, he whispered, “Run!”

All morning, the couples worked diligently in their workbooks and privately discussed their ideas and opinions. Later in the afternoon, looking at their weary faces, I said to Mike,

“At 8:30 this morning these couples arrived in Engagement La-La Land and in only five hours, we’ve transported them to Marriage Reality Land.”

Mike turned to me and said, “Well, why do you think we’re here?”

Now, after all these years, I look out at our loving, attentive, “we-just-can’t-sit-close-enough-to-each-other” lovebirds. I feel compelled yet reluctant to candidly share my impressions of a life-long marriage.

After taking a deep breath, I say: “Marriage is a beautiful gift, but get ready to roll up your sleeves because marriage is hard work.

If you are in this for good—I mean, “till death do us part”—then expect that you will go through good times and bad times. These good and bad times will last days, months, and sometimes even years.

“At times you’ll have more money than you need. At other times, you’ll be paralyzed with fear because you need much more than you have. 

The natural affection you feel for each other today is something you will have to intentionally work at to sustain throughout your marriage.

“You will go through times when you do not like yourself when you are with your spouse. These times will be much more about you than they are about your spouse.

You will also become ill in some way—physically, emotionally, or spiritually—and you will need your spouse to take care of you.

“I love when things are great with Mike and our growing family. It’s like being in La-La Land.

But I don’t get to live there. I only get to visit. The rest of the time, we enjoy plugging away with home, kids, work, bills, and wrinkles. It’s all good. It’s just a lot of hard work.”

Why Newsom Needs to be Recalled

#MakeCaliGoldenAgain #ElectElder Please,be sure to support Larry Elder. Election in Sept!

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Source: Michael Rich

I am a native Californian and have lived here since 1962. California has always had its fair share of problems, some episodic and others chronic. The one absolute constant problem is the water supply, which relies primarily on snowmelt from the Sierra mountains and is thus susceptible to drought years. Since California is the largest agricultural producer in the nation, water is critical for farmers, residential consumers, and wildlife. You wouldn’t know there’s a problem, though, if you peruse Governor Gavin Newsom’s website, or, for that matter, the official California website,

Here is an excerpt from Newsom’s splash page:

The California Dream — the idea that every person can achieve a better life, regardless of wherethey start out — is central to who we are as Californians.Even in a time of economic growth and record employment, too many Californians areexperiencing the squeeze of stagnant wages and…

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VIDEO: Larry Elder Goes After Newsom In CA Speech

Elder can-and should- beat Newsome. #MakeCaliGoldenAgain #ElectElder check out the MAGA candidates page!

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Source: CD Media

Larry Elder, the sage of South central, gave his stump speech for his run for governor perfor governor. He had initially turned down the idea and had no interest in running. As more people kept making the case how important it was for him to run, he finally decided to jump into the race. He gave a strong conservative message, did not back down from his long commitment to conservative principles, writes Youtube.

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Thegatewaypundit: (VIDEO) Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN – PAL Bulletin


Retired Army intelligence captain, elections data expert, and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel released his final national fraud numbers over the weekend. Seth Keshel examined the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state. He published his results on his popular Telegram page. Keshel confirms President Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN.

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Source: Thegatewaypundit: (VIDEO) Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN – PAL Bulletin

Chicago Prosecutors Will Try To Block Trump’s $1 Million Tax Refund

The Democrats are never satisfied unless they can totally destroy their opponents. The Republicans lose because they always try to play nice w/ these people.

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Source:  Emily Zanotti

Chicago owes former President Donald Trump a million-dollar tax refund but the Cook County State’s Attorney, which is typically focused on handling the city’s crime, will mount an effort to block Trump from receiving his check.

The Hill reports that the “Cook County state’s attorney is seeking to block a $1 million tax refund that the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board ruled is owed to former President Trump on his Chicago skyscraper’s 2011 tax bill.”

The building was “over-assessed” according to a unanimous vote of Illinois’ state property tax board, but the Cook County States Attorney says the city should not pay, since granting Trump his refund would take money out of the pockets of Chicago taxpayers — even though the money was never the city’s, to begin with.

Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney, “filed a lawsuit this month with the Illinois…

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SUDDEN RASH OF JAN 6TH OFFICERS COMMITTING SUICIDE: Third DC Officer Who Was at Capitol on January 6 Dies by Suicide… US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, and Officer Jeffrey Smith killed themselves in January, and now Officer Gunther Hashida

Evans News Report

A third DC Metropolitan Police officer who was at the Capitol riot on January 6 has taken his own life. 43-year-old Gunther Hashida committed suicide on July 29, his family announced on GoFundMe. “On July 29, 2021, we lost Gunther Hashida, who leaves behind a loving wife, sister, 3 children, and a wonderful family. In…

Source: Third DC Metro Police Officer Who Was at Capitol on January 6 Dies by Suicide

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Corrupt AZ and PA Democrats Are Threatening to Destroy Voting Machines After Forensic Audits, Costing Taxpayers Millions — Goes Against EAC Recommendations

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Source:Joe Hoft

Corrupt Democrats are Threatening to Destroy Voting Machines if a Forensic Audit Takes Place — Costing Taxpayers Millions
This goes against EAC recommendations. It is only being used as a tactic to threaten county officials.

Guest post by Kevin Moncla

Maricopa County, Arizona and Fulton County Pennsylvania are both replacing Dominion voting equipment under the guise that “uncertified” third parties who were hired to audit the equipment broke the chain of custody.

This all started with a letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to Maricopa County in which she claimed she would not certify the subpoenaed voting equipment after being returned from the audit. Hobbs said in the letter:

“Unfortunately, after a loss of physical custody and control, no comprehensive methods exist to fully rehabilitate the compromised equipment or provide adequate assurance that they remain safe to use.”

After this, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors…

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NPR Allows Its Reporters To Engage In Direct Activism | PA Pundits – International

NPR has announced a new ethics policy that allows its journalists to “participate in activities that advocate for ‘the freedom and dignity of human beings’ on both social media and in real life.”

National Public Radio, an organization partially funded by taxpayers, will allow its supposedly straight-news reporters to engage in outright political activism.“

The new policy eliminates the blanket prohibition from participating in ‘marches, rallies and public events,’ as well as vague language that directed NPR journalists to avoid personally advocating for ‘controversial’ or ‘polarizing’ issues,” NPR announced Wednesday.

As more than a few have noted on social media, despite NPR’s allowance for activism on behalf of the “freedom and dignity of human beings,” don’t expect too many of its reporters to join a pro-life protest any time soon.

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