The Day Rodentstein and Wray Confirmed They Were Rats ðŸ€

Rodentstein talks a lot but never says anything.I’ve never seen anyone talk so much and say so little. He has a way of ducking whatever anyone asks him. He fiddles around constantly [watch his hands] & tries not to look directly at anyone when he speaks. Nervous much? Wray pretends he has no idea what’s going on.

The Democrats focus on Russian interference-which happened-and ignore the other fact that the Trump campaign was spied on. When a Republican gets close to the truth the Democrats cut into the committee members time trying to distract. They had no interest in getting to the truth.

Wray covers up everything we needed to know by justifying the cover up saying its ‘under investigation’. At this point the committee still hasn’t received the documents they requested. Pay close attention to Trey Gowdy’s and Jim Jordan’s line of questioning. Anything the FBI doesn’t want you to know they say it’s either a security risk or under investigation.

Rodentstein was definitely involved in Spygate. He made sure Sessions ended up recusing himself. He’s also the one who signed off on the FISA warrants.

Wray has got to go out the door. Trump should have canned him the day after this hearing.i never did get why he kept him on. Nothing was his or Rodentstein’s responsibility. Evidently they were both over there just sucking up air.

Trump [2024] has to do something drastic with the FBI and the DOJ needs independent oversight-not someone connected in any way,shape or form to the swamp. Barr was a waste. He fooled a lot of people or else he was just too chicken to act. Someone has to be appointed who can clean house.

There is no way on earth Rodentstein and Wray didn’t know what was going on. Now that Biden has been installed all the wrong doing in these agencies will go unanswered for. None of the people involved in Spygate were ever held accountable. You can thank Obama, Biden, Rodentstein, Wray, Barr, Comey and the media for that. When the FBI went after Roger Stone they sent the swat team and CNN. When the Hunter Biden lap top was almost exposed the NY Post story was shut down. The FBI didn’t do squid. We are looking at the stuff of a banana republic.

Durham is a head fake. Always was. I’m sticking to my story.