President Trump, we have a corrupt FBI with a useless director, Wray

Come 2024 with the backing of a Republican Congress we have a few choices re our FBI,which by the way nobody respects anymore. In fact we don’t trust the agency PERIOD.

There are only a few options each one more drastic.

Fire Wray. Get someone in there trustworthy enough to clean house; REALLY clean house. Did Chris Christie actually recommend Wray to you? That’s the word. If that’s true tells us everything we need to know. Whoever cleans house is going to have to get rid of all the Obama/Biden hold overs.

Once that’s done because a house cleaning and an honest FBI director are critical to get the public’s trust back and stop the nonsense in the agency, then there should be an outside person or group totally untouched by the swamp to keep an eye on them. Someone has to be sure they stay honest and it can’t be a swamp creature.

Last but not least there’s one final option; DISMANTLE the FBI completely. It’s drastic but it may be the only option that will do the job.

The FISA court needs a 2nd look too. All these agencies have crossed a line, from the DOJ to the FBI. Barr was not a good guy. He was a Bush guy. I could be wrong but i’ve personally believed for the longest time that Durham is a head fake.

You’d be smart to find a place for Jim Jordan in your cabinet or serve in your administration somewhere. He’s one of a handful of warriors in Congress. Wish he’d replace McConnell as Speaker. Even Ted Cruz would be better than McConnell. John Thune is a no go. He’s a McConnell prodigy and Mitch is too anxious to have him as a replacement. That’s a definite red flag with a big hell no painted on it.

One thing we know after 2020; you’ve got to stay away from the establishment GOP. PERIOD. If they’re not backstabbers they’re too chicken to be counted on when you need them. You’re a nice person, a great President, but you’re too trusting.

Want a friend in DC? Get a dog. A lot of truth to that.

BTW. Pence is out. Your base can’t stand him after what he did. They will never accept him as a VP. You pick him again and your own supporters will begin to question your judgement. Trust me on this.