“Dropping Like Flies”

I can’t use the name but i did want to respond to the information shared here:

Meanwhile, the vaxxed are dropping like flies around me. Heard about 1 perfectly healthy vaxxed 79 year old man Friday, one 65 year old yesterday who was vaxxed and had covid. Another 65 year old with covid and vax in hospital. 41 year old vaxxed and covid and underlying conditions. Add to that another healthy 80 year old vaxxed last month.

The first problem i have with this information is that he says people are dropping around him like flies. That implies he knows them. In the next sentence he says that he heard about people dropping like flies meaning it’s 2nd hand information.Millions of Americans have been vaccinated. I’m sure by now we all would have witnessed people ‘dropping like flies.’

I am convinced it is ADE taking them out when they come in contact with the delta variant and/or heart and clotting problems from the vax alone. I actually don’t know anyone who died from Covid without the vax and I don’t know anyone who has not had the vax who died.

First of all any adverse effects from the vaccines need to be reported; if you suspect it could be the vaccine. Talk to your pcp and he/she can help you with the reporting to VAERS.They need the data.


A 79 yr old otherwise healthy man could have an underlying condition he was unaware of. It’s possible he was infected with Covid and the vaccine hadn’t kicked in yet. Yes, it’s even possible he was allergic to one of the vaccine ingredients. Hopefully he had spoken with his pcp before he took the vaccine. People who have had problems with other vaccines might have problems with these vaccines. If he had an allergy the pcp would likely be aware of it. i’ve always figured before you make this decision-either way-you should talk it over with your pcp. The first cause of death is questionable.

i doubt if you already know you have covid they would even let you get a vaccine until you were recovered. They would probably expect you to quarantine for the required 14 days first. i honestly don’t know so that’s a best guess.

These 3 were more likely to have died from Covid because of their age or underlying conditions and not the vaccine:

My husband, weeks away from turning 65, had the vaccine. i’m not promoting a company so i’m not going to mention which one.I’m not even promoting the vaccines. You make up your own mind.

He had no side effects at all.NONE. He talked it over with his pcp and given his underlying conditions it was a bigger risk from Covid than the vaccine. His health aide who is here 5 days a week also got vaccinated. She was not required by her employer. She chose to have it because of the people she services. They are in the vulnerable group. She did it more to protect them than herself. The elderly and ill are susceptible. Those are her clients. She had a different vaccine than my husband and experienced mild fatigue and headache for a couple days.

i’m not opposed to adult masking. I am opposed to masking children because they are not spreaders. You make up your own mind whether to use a mask or not. It’s not normal for the general public to wear masks. Doctors and nurses must wear them around any infectious disease or during surgery.The masks the general public tend to wear are a preventive but not a guarantee of protection. The efficacy is not 100%.

We’re taking Vitamin D. We’re trying to build up our immune systems.

The virus load of the Delta variant is the problem. The vaccines do not stop infections but they can prevent you from having to be hospitalized or worse. Decide for yourself which is riskier-the vaccine or Covid- but please talk to your own pcp when making the decision. My husband had the vaccine but his situation, conditions and risk from Covid are probably different than yours.

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