(2421) The Election Is Being Rigged AGAINST Trump And Its INSANELY Obvious, Democrats Are Cheating To Win – YouTube Remember This? Tell us Biden didn’t cheat. #TrumpWon #BIDENCHEATED 

Of course they cheated. They knew,like everyone did at the time,that President Trump was going to win in a landslide-which he did. They had to do something to stop him. Anything. Cheat if they must. So they did.

Why are the Republicans trying to work with these Democrats? Don’t go near them. There’s no such thing as bipartisanship.  It’s their way or the highway then they use it against you after you give in. McConnell still the leader in the Senate? Evidently the Republicans don’t care if they  lose in 2022. John Thune-heck no!!!  He’s a  McConnell prodigy. Don’t waste our time.