Did the Democrats REALLY cheat in 2020 & Install Joe Biden?

First, you have to ask yourself. Would they be willing to do such a thing to win an election? This has to be a straight up yes or no answer. If you’re willing to say yes, but it was justified you’re talking like it’s an election from a banana republic. You’re one of the people who cried election interference when Trump was elected, but you’re ok with it as long as it’s for the other side.

If you say no then i would ask you to back it up and prove me wrong.

What’s the first thing the House did in their first session after the election?

They tried to pass HR 1. The For the People Act. Checked it out?

Basically it takes the authority for election laws from the states and hands it to the Federal government. Put another way, it FEDERALIZES elections favoring the party that is in power. Read the Constitution. This would have to end up in the Supreme Court-it’s unconstitutional.

HR 1 is a hint of what they were capable of doing in 2020.

Did you read the Time magazine article where they bragged about fixing the election of 2020? They actually admit to what they did but try to justify it.

When someone tells you what they did in their own words believe them.

They telegraphed their intentions BEFORE the General Election of 2020. Why did they keep saying, ‘do not expect the results the night of Nov 3rd‘? Why wouldn’t we?

it happened

Georgia stopped due to a main water break; only to find out later it never happened. If it did there wasn’t enough of a problem to stop the count yet they sent everyone home but a few-and allowed them to stay behind for whatever reason.

VIDEO https://www.theepochtimes.com/state-farm-arena-footage-shows-poll-workers-staying-behind-pulling-out-suitcases-with-ballots_3603293.html

In order to cheat and commit enough fraud to change the outcome of an election you do not have to pull it off in all 50 states. For one, it’d be more difficult and for another it wouldn’t even be necessary. The 6 states that were questionable would be enough to do it.

The state legislators are doing now what should have been done before Nov 3,2020-guarding election integrity. Better late than never, although sooner would have been much better. They’re doing a forensic audit in Arizona and some of the other states in question are calling for one too. For whatever reason the Democrats are pitching a fit and the DOJ is making threats against the audits. If there’s nothing to hide, why try to hide it? Why not put it to rest once and for all forcing Trump and his supporters to accept that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President? They may not like it but they could no longer question it.

Who believes Joe Biden won more votes than any candidate in history and more of the black vote than Barack Obama? The former is a hard pill to swallow ;the latter is enough to gag on.

Never let a crisis go to waste

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel

The Coronavirus is real. Covid 19 is not a hoax. It was a biological weapon created in the Wuhan Lab by the Chinese and designed to be highly contagious and deadly. It became a pandemic. You don’t play nice with a biological weapon. It’s meant to destroy your enemies.

Fauci had a role in this research but for the sake of sticking to topic we’re going to take a look at that corruption later.

They took a crisis and made the most of it, even if it meant doing it illegally.

The Democrats in the questionable states used the virus to change election laws in those states; in some instances, such as Pennsylvania, unconstitutionally. That is, they violated election laws and used the virus as cover. Biden ended up with the votes needed to carry those states.They used drop boxes, mail in ballots, shutting out poll watchers, ballot harvesting, changing deadline dates…whatever means possible to come up with the votes Biden would need and/or took enough from Trump to matter. As they said before the election, don’t expect the results on election night. What they were doing was getting people prepared for the heist. If the MAJORITY of the states, including states with larger populations, could have the results on time what problem could these handful of states possibly have? What were they expecting to happen?

It’s why Hillary Clinton told Joe not to concede under ANY circumstances. Any would include the fraud being exposed or Trump winning overwhelmingly (which he did). Any means any. You don’t tell someone not to concede under ANY circumstances. It doesn’t pass the smell test. You can tell someone not to concede under a certain set of circumstances.

They pulled off the Russia Hoax [Spygate] for 3 yrs and got away with it. Of course, they had the cajones to rig an election. You have the media for propaganda, the FBI,DOJ,State Dept [the whole Intel community for that matter], actors hidden in the Trump administration plus Congress on your side who is going to stop you or hold you accountable?

Remember Hillary’s subpoenaed phones and computers? She destroyed them and bleach bit a hard drive. What happened to her? She ran for President. The Obama/Biden administration spied on and set up Trump. What happened to the people who were involved? Nothing. Most of those people got a spot at CNN.

How about Antifa and BLM trying to take out a sitting President-they were very clear about their intentions and the Democrats supported them. Look at their insurrection against the Trump administration. Anyone held accountable? Nope. They even threatened to go into the streets again if Trump won.

They wouldn’t have the cajones to rig an election? The Supreme Court fell down in fear and wouldn’t as much as look at evidence for election fraud.Mike Pence-Trump’s VP-at this point i wouldn’t trust him as far as i could spit. One of 2 things about Pence is true; either he was complicit and intended to certify the electors or he was too weak to stand up and do the right thing. Thankfully his political career and aspirations to run for President are over. He just doesn’t know it. There’s a word for it. DELUSIONAL.

Durham is a head fake.i said that from the beginning and people are saying he’s a good choice because he doesn’t leak. He aint there people.

You’re a Biden supporter? Prove me wrong. You’re a Democrat who approves what they did to steal the election? Go ahead, try to justify it. You’re a liberal with a conscience? Let’s try to right the wrong.

The Democrats weren’t corrupt enough to cheat? This is from Nov 2, 2020. Worth a replay. Jan 6,2021 was an insurrection? Nope. This is the planned insurrection and it was totally ignored by the press, the DOJ and the FBI.