President Trump Sits Down for Hour Long Interview, Real America – Face to Face With 45 – The Last Refuge

President Trump sat down for an extensive hour long interview with Dan Ball the host of ‘Real America’ on OAN.   Within the interview, President Trump discusses all of the current issues facing our nation beginning with the Afghanistan mess.  The interview is in five segments.

Source: President Trump Sits Down for Hour Long Interview, Real America – Face to Face With 45 – The Last Refuge

White House Occupant Delivers Remarks on Afghanistan Withdrawal – 2:45pm ET Livestream Links – The Last Refuge

The installed occupant of the White House is scheduled to deliver remarks today attempting to take a victory lap for his efforts in the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  It is highly doubtful he will take questions, because he cannot defend his decision-making which led to the death of 13 U.S. marines and service members.The effort to distract, obfuscate, cast blame toward others and deny accountability is scheduled to begin at 2:45pm ET with livestream links below:
Decided not to include the videos.i can’t stomach the man no matter how good the blog is.

Source: White House Occupant Delivers Remarks on Afghanistan Withdrawal – 2:45pm ET Livestream Links – The Last Refuge

#RecallNewsome too close to call? Are you kidding me?

The one thing the former golden state is best known for :

California is the third-most-expensive state in the U.S. with notoriously high housing and transportation costs. California’s housing index is 196.5, and its transportation index is 132.4, the second- and third-highest in the U.S., respectively. The average two-bedroom apartment in California runs for about $2,495 per month and is even more expensive in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. California has some of the highest gasoline prices in the United States, and the average monthly energy bill is about $237.13.

Right there is the main, although not the only reason, my son and his family left Cali. It’s one of the reasons there is a growing exodus out of California for other states.

Other reasons are likely the rolling blackouts, wildfires, poor education, & rampant homelessness in some major cities.

So half of Californians are prepared to vote to ensure the further decline of their state?If these polls are correct one of these things would have to be true:

  1. Californians believe Newsome is doing a good job; the people of Cali have a different idea than most people of what constitutes good governance.
  2. the people of California don’t pay close attention to the issues that affect their state.
  3. they are convinced that Newsome will address the problems they face in the near future. Of course, if he hasn’t by now chances are it’s highly unlikely he ever will but politicians like Newsome are good at persuasion around election time.
  4. they would rather stick with the poor governance they do know because they were told candidate Larry Elder was radical.Can’t have someone that might actually go out on a limb to save California.

I feel bad for California. Hard to believe after all those people signed the petition to get the recall and half the population wants to stick with Newsome. There was a time the state of California was the place to go-now people who can get out are getting out. You hate to think what it will be like a year from now if Elder doesn’t get elected. It’s the one shot they have to turn things around. I hope they take the opportunity. You never know about these polls anymore though do you? Just vote folks! It matters. Always said, in the end polls don’t count, votes do.

Larry Elder is a native Californian. He’s a good man. He has no special interest donors supporting him. He’s honestly in the race to help the state of California and the folks most affected by Newsome’s poor policies. and consider a small donation.

Gaslighting and Detailing – The Psychological Manipulation of Jen Psaki.

America is a Republic!

The Democrat party loves to use psychology to smoke the American people. They do this to capture attention, plant fear, and divert attention from their incompetence. Psaki works in her position because she is versed in this head game and has no scruples whatsoever. We can remember the Clinton era term Wag the Dog, which was using nominal military action somewhere to relieve pressure on all the consternation at the Oval Office Cigar Tube Insertions and lies. The Democrats have only refined this approach because they believe we are stupid.

Psaki starts every session with -The President is monitoring closely… or The President and his staff are HEAVILY INVOLVED in… to try to gain confidence. Today she says “We are closely coordinating with state officials every step of the way” and “something that he was monitoring over the course of the weekend” but we all know Biden was monitoring his…

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The Accomplishments of Joe Biden

Let’s take a look at what Biden has managed to accomplish in 7 months, in some cases in a week (or less) and in the case of Afghanistan just 1 day.

We Have No Border


President Joe Biden’s deliberate open borders policy is expected to drive nearly 1.7 million illegal aliens to the United States-Mexico border by the end of 2021, new analysis projects.

the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revealed that more than 178,000 border crossers were encountered by federal immigration officials in June along the border. This total does not include illegal aliens who successfully crossed into the U.S., undetected by federal immigration officials.

Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors projects that Biden’s “deliberate policy of holding the border open” will invite close to 1.7 million illegal aliens arriving at the border this calendar year — making it the worst year for illegal immigration in American history.

For perspective, a foreign population three times the population of Wyoming is expected to arrive at the border this year.
Future Democrat Voters

Photo obtained from

Biden completely reversed the tough immigration policy enacted by President Trump including the stay in Mexico policy & construction on the border wall day 1 of his administration.

The US Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Biden administration …when it refused to grant a stay of a lower court order requiring the administration reinstate a Trump-era immigration policy.

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), informally referred to as the “remain in Mexico” policy, requires that asylum seekers to the US remain in Mexico while they await a hearing in a US immigration court. The policy was announced by the Trump administration in 2018 and was implemented following an order of the Supreme Court in March 2020. When Biden took office, he announced the suspension of the MPP, followed by a memorandum from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) permanently ending the MPP.

I think it would be safe to say we no longer have a border;meaning we are de facto no longer a sovereign nation.

Rise in Inflation

He’s killing the middle class.

Under President Biden, core inflation hit a three-decade high in June.Core inflation, technically called the core personal consumption expenditure price index, jumped to 3.5 percent year over year. The core inflation metric does not include food and energy and it’s the metric the Federal Reserve uses to monitor inflation. The 3.5 percent measure is well above the 2 percent Federal Reserve target. As National Review points out, inflation is rising faster than wages across various brackets. That means many Americans are losing to inflation as it costs more money to buy goods and services. Also note, food and energy prices are not included in the core inflation rate, and the cost of these items is also higher.

Dependence on Opec

President Joe Biden on Wednesday afternoon added to the pressure on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, after one of his top advisers said earlier in the day that OPEC and its allies “must do more” to support the economic recovery.

“Recently we’ve seen the price that oil companies pay for a barrel of oil begin to fall, but the cost of gasoline at the pump for more American people hasn’t fallen,” Biden said in a speech at the White House. “That’s not what you’d expect in a competitive market. I want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of oil-price declines leading to lower prices for consumers.”

“So today, my director of the National Economic Council has asked the chair of the Federal Trade Commission to use every available tool to monitor the U.S. gasoline market and address any illegal conduct that might be contributing to price increases at the pump while the cost of barrel oil is going down,” the president added. “We also made clear to OPEC —- the major oil exporting nations of the world — that the production cuts made during the pandemic should be reversed as the global economy recovers, in order to lower prices for consumers.”

Joe begged OPEC [like the good ol days] & they basically told Joe to pound sand.

Trump Just Achieved What Every President Since Nixon Had Promised: Energy Independence

Energy Security: Last week, the U.S. exported more oil than we imported, for the first time in 70-plus years. And it happened not because of decades of federal “energy policies,” but despite them.

The Last Straw

Biden pulled the rug from under every soldier, every American citizen and Afghan ally as well as the European nations and other nationals who assisted us in Afghanistan by pulling out during the dead of night with no warning and no plan.He should resign or be impeached for dereliction of duty along with every official-military and otherwise-under him who is lying to cover his sick and feeble a**.He cost the lives of 13 young servicemen and women as well as probably hundreds if not thousands of other civilians (Afghan and American)who will be summarily executed by the people we capitulated to-the Taliban.

President Trump had indeed made the decision we would be exiting Afghanistan but NOT under the conditions-or lack of-that Biden set.

The lies they are telling the American people are inexcusable.We’re not stupid.

We know exactly what has happened here.The whole Biden-Harris administration should pack up and leave hanging their heads in shame. The oath of office they took means nothing to them. This is extreme? This is crazy talk? No,letting them get away with what they did here is insane.

The media can’t cover for him anymore. It’s over. They’re liars too.