Thank God no one was killed (Bensalem,Pa)!

Where you do NOT want to be when it hits. See the debris? It usually goes through the windows. Some tornadoes are powerful enough to toss a car.It’s just a good idea not to be on the road period. Time to be in your safe space.

anyone else see a multi-vortex tornado here?

Thank God there were only injuries; none life threatening (as far as i’ve heard)and no deaths. The destruction would say otherwise.

Let’s talk about tornadoes since they can happen anywhere, anytime depending on the conditions.

i had a heads up there was a possibility of tornados in this general area. They can’t specify exactly where but they can say what the probabilities are.

So the main thing about severe weather-tornados for instance- is to be WEATHER AWARE.

I go by the SPC reports. They’re not 100% accurate-weather forecasting is tricky business but they do pretty good these days. I look at it this way- i’d rather they were wrong but they only need to be right once for you to be affected, right? Check out the Convective Reports here:

A 2% chance of tornados is low,but it aint zero either; 5% and up catches my attention. Now the chances are really going up. From 2% on i would stay tuned to local forecasts and keep an eye to the sky too.

I check every day taking into account conditions can change. This is the weather we’re talking about here.Then i get our local weather from the Weather Channel website(though i wish they’d quit fooling with it).

If there’s a chance for severe weather or a chance for tornados i make sure we’re ready to put our plan into motion. If it looks like it’s moving into our area i turn on our weather radio.

Have flashlights ready and make sure the batteries are good. Be sure the cell phone is charged. Be ready to head for your safe space.Stay away from windows. When you get into a Tornado watch you have some time if you have a designated building or neighbor’s you can relocate to if that’s YOUR plan. Once the warning comes up time is short.

I can’t see people being on the road or a community not considering a temporary closure if the area is a risk area. At the least get off the road or close shop if it’s under a watch.

The main points i say over and over are 1. be weather aware. we don’t have to be caught off guard. 2. have a plan 3. have a designated safe space 4. tune into your weather radio.

LIVE SAVING PRODUCT: NOAA Weather Radio From Midland (BEST ONE):

There is a wide range of prices on different weather radios. You don’t necessarily have to buy this one-i’m not promoting radios-but the midlands are great and this one is recommended. Any is better than none.

Reminds me; there are people on you tube who are really into weather monitoring who also happen to be storm chasers.

Ryan Hall Ya’ll is one of them. There’s Reed Timmer,Pecos Hank and N8 Snyder.They keep a pretty close eye on the weather. If i know something is up i check in with whoever has a live stream up. Ryan Hall does daily forecasting and nearly all of them do a live stream if there’s a chance of a severe event.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Bensalem, Pa.and surrounding areas. I’m so thankful that no one was seriously injured or killed but i feel badly you had to go through it at all. All the damage can be cleaned up and replaced. People are priceless.