Limited Government

cuts to the chase! worth reading.

America is a Republic!

What i am about to say is something every America should know and think because it makes utter sense: The way to limit government is simple: CUT BUDGETS and change the constant built-in increases and forge sunset laws…programs cease if not renewed and adjusted.

Congress is a mob of nonsense and half are not qualified for a school board who themselves are barely qualified. If you want to slash spending…there is this crazy top secret method. It’s called CUT a DEPARTMENT’S BUDGET!!!! AMAZING!!! It is what families and every single American does when times are tough, SLASH SPENDING. For instance, DHS. CUT IT BY 20%…they will still function, they will tighten policies and employment, lean up…like everything else. Department of Defense…CUT THE BUDGET by 15% and still function. It is posssible…look at the Pentagon and all the nonsense going on!? Now it gets better…Department of Education, a wholly unconstitutional boondoggle…

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