Epoch Times

After I reblog the best of the best blog entries on Word press I head to the Epoch times to check out the top news stories. WOW!!! There are so many to read today it’s going to take some time-in between those things life throws at ya ie housework- that i’ve decided to leave a link for now. You may want to check them out for yourself. i have a subscription so that does give me access to some articles you may be restricted from. Don’t know. If you check it out there will still be plenty of good reading. I will say this;if their subscription price fits my budget it isn’t outrageous.


I’ll be back later because not only do i want to press some of the Epoch times articles, i also have in mind a blog entry of my own about the importance of the California election in Sept and why we must get Larry Elder elected to replace Newsome.

Again, Thank You Bigly to the folks who donated this month. Every donation gets me closer to the $200.00 goal i have to reach. I try to put the effort in here to earn every penny and i probably don’t even come close. The ticket would probably be to do a podcast on you tube and monetize it, but the truth is i’d rather read or write than talk.

You tube isn’t exactly conservative friendly either. You hate to help them out if you don’t have to.There are plenty of great conservative voices out there like the well known Dan Bongino and Mark Levin. They certainly don’t need me chiming in. There are some great lesser known (at least for now)people who podcast such as Wayne Dupree.

There isn’t a thing i could add to what those folks already do and scouring the internet for the most relevant print articles for you folks is what i’m most passionate about; especially when a topic prompts me to write my own commentary.