Told you Twitter was over run with imbeciles

Have a question: is there any reason anyone but these people are on Twitter?Every time i check over there to see what’s up(AM BANNED, OK)and the same old things are always trending. Fire this one, sue that one, ban so and so. When Trump was actually governing the country it was impeach Trump, Trump resign, Trump resist. Anyway,i was glad to be banned because i was leaving for one of the backup accounts i had ready just in case the day ever came. It did.

Gettr is going to end up destroying Twitter. It’s a darned good platform and improving all the time. Hope people leave the imbeciles over at the future My Space and join us. I learned that Tucker was trending again. Next to Trump i can’t think of anyone who trended more often than Tucker. What that means is he’s gotten too close to the truth for the zillionth time. It’s why Biden let the IC* spy on him, if not give them orders to; then let them unmask him and leak through the NSA. Illegal without a warrant btw. Tonight Tucker went after Fauci and for some reason the left defends Fauci. Are they nuts? Fauci is the guy who helped fund GOF research in the WUHAN LAB that gave us the Coronavirus and then tried to cover his butt. Think about that. We’re going to talk more about these labs soon enough.Fauci even downplayed the virus when it first broke out in the U.S. No need to wear a mask. No need to panic. When he knew all along it didn’t come from a bat and how dangerous it was. It’s a little hard to hide a pandemic. In the end he tried to cover up the funding.

Let Fauci sue. Want the truth? Bet he doesn’t do it because there is no defamation.

this coming from the people who believe the cops are systemically racist and should be defunded even abolished. This coming from the people who support a group that says, |What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.| Or the other one; “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.”

Here’s Antifa approaching the White House in an attempt to carry out their plan to-in their own words-take out Trump. Trump and his family had to be moved to the bunker for their own safety. The Secret Service did their job and insisted on it.

Secret Service agents were injured, some seriously

*IC intelligence community which Obama/Biden weaponized to go after their political opponents.