Dear Republicans, for the 100th time, here’s how you will win in 2022

  1. it won’t be with bipartisanhip. Know what bipartisan means to the Dems? it means you bowed down and they’re going to take you to the cleaners come 2022. Let me see: weren’t these the same Dems that tried to impeach our President twice, burnt down cities from 2017-2020 to try and force Trump out of office, spied on his campaign, accused him of being a Russian agent, called Jan 6 an insurrection, committed voter fraud in key swing states by violating the Constitution, has at least 4 rabid anti Semites in their party yet call you people racists and wouldn’t think twice of taking down any Republican that got in their way. That’s just for starters. You want to work with those people? Why? How about the fact that they’re Marxists and Joe’s policies are wrecking the country? Anyone signs their infrastructure bill and gives them a ‘bipartisan victory’ better plan on being primaried. We’re in no mood to put up with this crap anymore. You people have a great chance of winning back the House & Senate and leave it to you to screw it up. Romney was involved in this? McConnell sat back and let it fly. It figures.
  2. which brings me to the next point. Why is McConnell still minority leader? You really do want to lose in 2022 don’t you? Maybe you see him one way-but we see him another. He’s a back stabbing piece of work. We don’t have time for back stabbers. He’s been in there too long and has swamp written all over him. You keep him you’ll carry his stench all over you. i can’t make it any clearer than that.
  3. The Democrats are nasty, power hungry, Marxist ideologues. Biden has dementia or some type of cognitive decline. He’s their puppet. He doesn’t know where he is most of the time and can’t spit out a coherent thought. Stay away from these people. Wait until 2022 and see what they do to you. They play dirty. These are not the people to be making deals with. They’re not stupid. They’ll use it to bite you in the behind when the time comes.
  4. There ya go. Knock off this kumbaya bipartisanship nonsense. Replace McConnell with a real leader. Fight like you have principles for a change and for crying out loud stand up for warriors like Jim Jordan.
  5. Words to the wise. Do not speak to the media. Mo Brooks did what all of you should do. You don’t need them. They’re liars.
  6. You do know Biden will do a victory lap with this infrastructure bill, right? You do know what you’ll get for signing on to it? A loss of the House and Senate.
  7. You see what Queen Pelosi is doing with her Jan 6 Commission? Know what else she’s going to do? Tie as many Republicans as she can to it-take them out- and ultimately reach her real goal of getting Trump. It’s personal with her. She doesn’t like sharing power with anyone. You want to play footsie with these people? i said it before and will keep saying it. You’re nuts if you do.They’re corrupt. You lay with dogs, you get fleas.