How Dare You People? Joe Biden’s the Man. A FACT CHECK EXCLUSIVE

Remember when Pres Trump was still President-of course he still is,but for the sake of the people who believe Biden got 81 million votes we’ll humor them-and they did a fact check? It was always with the intention of making him look bad. Didn’t work with most of us but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

They do the same thing with people like Dan Bongino. They’re right on it like white on rice.

Now when someone makes a joke about Joe Biden they fact check the people who were having a little fun. So the fact checkers were basically used to attack Pres. Trump and now they’re basically used to protect Joe Biden. Everyone knows Biden has dementia or some type of cognitive decline. The media pretends they don’t see it but you’d have to be pretty stupid not to recognize the obvious problem. There isn’t a fact checker in the world who’s going to be able to protect Joe.We have a mentally deficient guy in office and everyone knows it, including the media and their Democrat party. They all know. They don’t care. What matters is trying to give him cover. #FAIL 

Maybe if Biden didn’t talk like he has a mouthful there wouldn’t be a bad lip read. Humor,AP, as in do not take seriously.