Woodstock, Weather, War

“By the time they got to Woodstock they were half a million strong.”


Most of these kids probably weren’t revolutionaries. They were there for music, drugs and a good time. Hedonism doesn’t incentivize social activism. On the other hand the event was a sort of culmination of the counter culture movement.

Their parents were once the young adults of the greatest generation. Unfortunately some of these kids rejected everything their parents stood for. They threw the baby out with the bath water.They could end up being useful idiots for the people seeking Ameritopia*-Woodstock on steroids. A world that does not exist.

Some were probably just kids there for the last hurrah of being young before heading out to the adult world. [Some of us didn’t go btw. Not everyone headed for Woodstock]. The one thing i will say for the outdoor concert and the 1/2 million people who attended, there was no violence. We were definitely not the second wave of the greatest generation though. We probably grew up too coddled. We had it too easy.

While the 1/2 million and artists were at Woodstock having their say about the Vietnam War, William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were using the VietNam war as an excuse for their founding of the radical Weather Underground-an offshoot of the Students for a Democrat Society or SDS. They were responsible for two dozen bombing attacks on the National Guard offices[D.C.],the Capitol Building and NYPD’s HQ.

Two of Ayres fellow “Weatherman,” David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, and members of the Black Liberation Army, were convicted of the felony murder of two police officers and a security guard in a 1981 bank robbery and sent to prison. Ayers adopted their son, Chesa Boudin, who is now the Marxist anti-law enforcement District Attorney of San Francisco. Boudin was funded by Hungarian Billionaire George Soros and has worked to decriminalize drug use and possession, shoplifting, property crimes; end cash bail; and early release of violent criminals.


I doubt they were protesting the VietNam war on principle. i personally [now]believe the war was cover. They were domestic terrorists and any grievance would have worked for them.Today’s Marxists are born of this group.Since the days of the Weather Underground the left has taken over all of our institutions. And yes, they are Marxists.They can call themselves anything they like but that’s because they have a PHD in verbal engineering.

The anthem of that era was one of the most ignorant pieces of music i’ve ever heard. It was John Lennon’s Imagine. Ever read the lyrics? It basically says don’t believe in anything so there will be nothing to defend. It entreats the listener to imagine the world without any principles at all. Sounds like Ameritopia to me-the dream of radical Marxists & the naive in the United States.

Antithetical to Imagine

It took one Ronald Reagan to snap us back to having pride in our country, seeing patriotism as a virtue not a vice and defeating the Soviet Union. He saw Communism for what it was, EVIL. It was finally morning in America.

President Trump was the leader for this time. He has to come back. Trump and Netanyahu[of Israel] were 2 of our greatest leaders; just as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher[of Great Britain] were the leaders for their time.

*Ameritopia; coined by Mark Levin & the title of his book by the same name. Be sure to order his new book too, American Marxism while it’s still at the discount price. His best work to date!!!

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