Founding Father’s Vision! – The Marshall Report

On January 5, 2021, I wrote this article for the Marshall Report. I am reposting it here for people to see again, that the Founding Fathers Project that President Trump had initiated and Biden Administration took down immediately following their theft of the government. Whoever was behind the man they said was President that is. For the man is obviously either doped up, been replaced with a double, or suffers terribly from dementia. We have had a full force of people who would like people to believe George Washington was an Illuminati member who plotted from the beginning to hand over the colonies to the Crown…a pitiful argument at best for it was already under the rule of Great Britain and would make no sense to rebel against the crown to go back under the crown to secure the crown for the crown. What would be the point?

Source: Founding Father’s Vision! – The Marshall Report