The 2020 Coup (how right was Beck)?

They had it planned all along and Glenn Beck was out there warning everyone.

How right was he? Check out these podcasts he did PRIOR to the 2020 election.

They didn’t get the civil war they might have been hoping for,but that’s not to say it wasn’t on the table.

They were also putting out a false narrative that Trump would not leave the White House if he ‘lost’ and what they would do if that were to happen. There was a reason for the narrative. Like the Russia Hoax they wanted people to be convinced Trump would do that. They were planning to cheat and had to cover their butts. Say Trump were to realize he legitimately won and questioned the results. How crafty were they here. They also had to have some kind of plan ready to go just in case he won in spite of their cheating. Finally, this included a veiled threat. If Trump were to win all hell would break loose.

They had been scheming for 4 yrs. as Glenn notes. They were looking at every possible scenario.They had to make sure Biden ‘won.’ Glenn was spot on. It doesn’t mean they did exactly as planned-every detail- but they had every possible contingency on the table too. They could be flexible.

Covid gave them more cover than they could have hoped for.

Know why Hillary told Biden not to concede under ANY circumstances;,that would include a Trump win. They didn’t intend for Biden to lose under any circumstances. Biden was going to ‘win’ no matter what.