Things i don’t believe about the Covid Vaccines

Last night during the fantastic speech by Pres Trump at Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Event in Arizona i was in the chat associated with the live stream. The topic of vaccines came up. i’m not sure why but there seems to be a lot of chatter lately on social media about the vaccines .More than usual anyway. It may be due to the Delta variant getting by the vaccines. Just a guess.

Once the topic of vaccines came up it was off to the races. We weren’t talking much about Trump at that point. I was even called an ass. Since then i’ve read several blog articles about Covid, the Delta variant and the vaccines.

Sorry, but non medical blogs are not the place to get information about medical issues. The articles are interesting and in some instances can provide links to good medical journals or data but most of the time that’s not true.

I’ve been jumping up and down now for some time about people getting good information. i really don’t care about all these warnings re misinformation or disinformation.

If we had good information we wouldn’t have to worry about people getting misled.I mentioned the absolute hysteria i’ve seen re vaccines (on both sides)and that’s probably what triggered the __________is an ass response.

I did come across some points re the vaccines i want to take up here. Theories i don’t believe about the vaccines.

Some people are convinced-no idea why-that the vaccines are a form of population control. Are they providing the content of the vaccine that has anything to do with reproduction? Nope. If someone(not sure who they think is doing this)wanted to do population control Covid-19 unchecked would definitely do it. No need for a vaccine. Abortion is a sure method of population control. No need for Covid or a vaccine to control the population.”Legalized” abortion is the genocide of our age.

Then there’s the theory that Bill Gates is associated with the vaccines. i’m a little puzzled over this one too. If someone has information on the association i would be glad to read it.

My question is how could Gates be associated with a vaccine that we had no knowledge we were ever going to need? Pres. Trump pushed the drug companies to come up with a vaccine as quickly as possible under a program called Operation Warp Speed. Remember the Democrats shredding Trump to pieces over his claim we would have a vaccine sooner than anyone expected?

The question came up, as it often does, why is Pres Trump supporting the vaccines? Why wouldn’t he be since he’s the one who initiated the program. i don’t get why people are puzzled by his support.

Makes no sense. He’s not supporting forced/mandated vaccines but he is proud of the fact his administration came up with the vaccines as quickly as they did.

i’ve never promoted the vaccines,but i’ve never tried to discourage anyone from getting them either.

My take has always been you should talk to your family doctor & take into consideration your own risks either from Covid or the vaccines and decide which is the greater risk for you.

One vaccine story I almost forgot. No, there is no microchip in the vaccine. That is just plain stupid. What would be the purpose? Certainly, if you were going to implant a microchip, a needle would not be the best method of delivery. Would not work. You’d need another whole crazy a** story for that one.

I’ve been banned from Facebook and Twitter. Not a surprise. They’re both liberal sites that tried to destroy Pres. Trump. i was banned at a conservative site as well (recently)and they did it exactly the same way the liberal sites do.

No warning & no explanation. I get why the liberal sites did it.i have no respect for conservative sites that react the same way liberals do.

Twitter and Facebook are well known for what they do to conservatives so that’s no big deal but i will not mention the conservative site by name. i can tell you they will not get mentioned here again. You can’t work with people you have a problem with, i have a problem with you.

I don’t even care if you disagree with me on any subject-feel free. Debate is good for our country, good for us- as long as we agree on the most important issues of our time. Such as the battle to save our country from the Marxists or support for Pres Trump.(Although if you’re bound and determined to debate either of those, go for it)