Joe Biden:it’s not a stuttering problem.

Joe Biden may have a stuttering problem. After his last couple disastrous public appearances a few of his supporters on Twitter had a canary over observations of Joe and defended his problem with stuttering. The stuttering wasn’t an issue and nobody was picking on Joe for his stuttering problem. It was his scary and OBVIOUS incoherent ramblings. Everyone knows he’s in mental decline or has dementia. The media covers for him or at least they’re trying to. Somebody better give them the word. It’s not working and now they’re looking too obvious themselves. Our U.S. media is too busy gaslighting but overseas media-like Skynews Australia-is not in the business of covering up for Joe.

Legitimate question. How long is the dangerous charade going to go on? Would the media be willing to fly on a plane with no pilot? HELLO…HELLO…

You jerks worked at getting him elected. This is YOUR (media)fault. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. Bernie Sanders is older than Joe is, but at least he’s functioning mentally. Joe is gone and needs help.

Need answer. The American People.