Twitter is Over Run With Imbeciles. Let em have it.

Pres Trump appeared at Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point in Phoenix, Arizona. When i stopped by RSBN on Rumble to watch, there were at least 2 million people watching. Just on Rumble. He talked mainly about election integrity. It was the theme of the event.

Arizona is the epicenter of the forensic audit for America. I see it as an audit not just for Arizona but for election integrity nationwide.

I knew very well if Trump was giving a speech it had to be trending on Twitter and all the nasty liberals would be on it. I checked. It was trending and they were. i couldn’t find 1 positive tweet. I’m sure they were in there scattered about but i couldn’t find them for all the really nasty tweets.

Since i’m banned there-a permanent suspension, same thing-i couldn’t reply but that’s not why i was there anyway. It didn’t matter. I just wanted to confirm my gut feeling; knowing how twitter is. My question is then,why are we there at all?

Why prop it up? It’s obviously set up for the benefit of the left. After checking last night i had no doubt in my mind about it. Leave them to their nasty selves and let it be known we don’t give a fat rats butt what they say anymore.

There’s other platforms. A parallel economy is growing. Eventually these liberal sites like Twitter, You Tube and Facebook won’t matter anymore. It will help if we don’t give them our traffic.

This was perhaps the nastiest tweet of all of them. I hate to give it more attention than it deserves but it needs to be seen. He deserves the notoriety for all the wrong reasons. I felt i had to make this point & the only way to do it was to show how ignorant it is.

He’s implying that Herman Cain caught Covid at a Trump rally he attended. He may have but there’s no way of knowing that. The only way to avoid Covid altogether is stay isolated at home.

I don’t think Herman was that kind of person. He was willing to take some chances than live home in fear. We can’t say that is where he caught Covid anymore than we can say Pres Trump caught Covid from Biden at the 2020 debates.

Bannon forgot that Trump was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital for treatment of Covid and it was shortly after one of the debates with Biden.

You know as well as i do, this Bannon person probably couldn’t stand Herman Cain. i thought the world of Mr Cain and supported him during his run for President; made phone calls for the campaign, joined his group Catholics for Trump.

Whatever i could do for Mr Cain. It was heartbreaking the day he announced he was dropping out. I am proud to own a signed copy of his book 999 An Army of Davids.

You have to know it’s not Bannon’s first nasty tweet. Every time something trends with Pres Trump he’s one of the first people in line. They have a regular group that attacks Trump right on cue.

Let no one think for a second he’s tweeting in memory of Herman Cain. It’s hard to believe anyone could sink as low, but if that’s what it takes they will.

If he understood how it says more about him, than it does about Trump, he would never have put it out there. It’s disgusting on several levels especially

how insensitive it is to the Cain family’s loss. I hated to bring it up at all but there’s no other way than to actually show it.

Tucker Carlson is another person the group goes after weekly, if not nightly, now. It used to be President Trump. Evidently Tucker is exposing the truth.

He is, as it’s called, over the target. When that happens, he trends. They hate Tucker. Not as much as they do Trump but he’s right up there on their list of people to hate.

Pretty sad when that’s all you have. They certainly can’t be trending what a terrific job fake President Joe is doing.

Mr. Cain would be the first to defend Pres Trump from imbeciles like the Bannon character. He was a good man. A great loss.

This is exactly why we need to get off Twitter and let them have it to themselves.

The speech was awesome. Long but worth it. If you missed it last night or just want to watch it again you can get the replay here: