Covid-19 & the craziness of not having good info

Forget Biden’s war on misinformation’. Other than the chaos this guy creates, he’s irrelevant. A President & CIC with obvious mental decline, possibly dementia [the media pretends they don’t see] is not the real President anyway.

He’s given us enough to deal with as it is. Ignore anything he says about Covid. He’s out of it.

We need reliable information backed by data.

We only know a few facts with certainty.For one,Covid is not a hoax and it’s not the flu. It was created at the WUHAN LAB in China as a bioweapon.It was developed through GOF research funded by Anthony Fauci. He knew it was going on and never said a word.

If you haven’t seen this interview with Sen Rand Paul i urge you to watch it, share and contact Sen Paul to see what can be done.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. i don’t care. i have yet to hear someone speak without forked tongue re their efficacy. I believe the only mask that might offer protection would be the N95.

Masks do not prevent breathing.If they did doctors & nurses wouldn’t use them. You still have an intake of oxygen. What we need is the data on their efficacy. This would be nice to know. It’s the main question.

As i understand it, it’s not impossible for children to contract Covid but it’s rare. Please justify the use of masks on children. I don’t see it because they’re not explaining. The people that recommend something need to give a reason. I’m not getting the wear a mask in the privacy of your own home recommendation.

We never did. I never wore one myself around other people, let alone my own husband. I wore one for a doctor appointment. Can someone explain the recommendation pls? If this is what is expected at least have a reason.

I’m not anti or pro any recommendation. i am pro let’s get some good information.

Some people are reluctant to get a vaccine. How about getting someone to talk about vaccines from a purely informative perspective. We need to know more. Talk to your own family doctor about getting one. He knows better than anyone YOUR health history.

Yes, there are risks with vaccines. There is risk with not getting a vaccine too. Your family doctor will know more about the risks to you.

i do know a large enough group of people who have had a vaccine and no, people are not dropping dead like flies here. My husband included. Our family doctor highly recommended he get vaccinated because of his age and health problems. His aide also got a vaccine.

She works with senior citizens who have health problems-the most vulnerable group when it comes to the virus. She didn’t get it to protect herself. She got it to protect them.

My husband had no side effects with the vaccine he got. She got a different one and had a mild headache and fatigue for a few days. It doesn’t mean it’s safe or necessary for you. It means it was a good choice for them.

I just can’t see people scaring people into getting one or scaring people out of getting one. I’ve seen the fear mongering on both sides of this. Same with the masks.

There were mask nazis who went crazy if you weren’t wearing one. There were mask nazis who lost their minds if you were. It’s like common sense flew out the window with the pandemic. All we need to know is their efficacy. Do they work? Do they offer any protection at all; even a little bit. Where’s the data?

I’m not suggesting YOU get a vaccine. i am saying talk to your family doctor and see what he says. There are people who probably should not get a vaccine.

IMHO talk to your family doctor is the best advice you can give anyone but it would be great to have someone explain the vaccines to the public at large. I think the truth is that there aren’t a lot of options to fighting the virus. We’re going with all that we have and it’s not much.

Common sense; quarantine if you have symptoms or been in contact with someone who’s had the virus. Wash your hands and use sanitizers. It’s simply good hygiene anyway. Take vitamins. i understand Vit D and Zinc is good for the immune system.

I’ll be honest, i don’t think we know as much as we need to know about the Coronavirus and Covid-19. We know more than we did but because of people like Fauci,the WHO and the CCP in China lying we were kept in the dark at the beginning.

I will say this; there shouldn’t be a lab on planet earth playing with these viruses and doing GOF.

Not in China, not in the United States,not anywhere. There’s only 1 use for it; as a bioweapon. Trump is right. The CCP in China better make reparations for the damage done; deaths and destruction caused in our country and around the world.

Please watch the video from Sen Paul and share it. Contact him and tell him you support shutting down this research. My hair was on fire when i heard about the labs here in the United States.

These people are insane. Fauci has to go. I don’t know how he’s skated on this one. There was no confusion when the pandemic hit the United States. Fauci knew exactly what was up. The WHO knew exactly what was up.

Senator Rand Paul had every right to grill Fauci. Fauci is the head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an advisor to the President of the United States. He is responsible for the information given to the President and the public.He lied to both. He needs to go! PERIOD. END OF STORY.

i stand corrected too. In previous blogs i said that Fauci was the director of the CDC. It was a wrong assumption.

They were trying to downplay the danger of the virus. Fauci was doing it to cover up for himself. The WHO was doing it to cover up for China. Two different motives-both lies.

We’re all hearing too much crap on the internet. We definitely need an honest broker who is knowledgeable. We need data to make the best calls.We definitely don’t need conspiracy theories pulled out of the sky and wild conjecture that’s all over the map.

They better keep Biden out of the public. He has no idea what he’s talking about. He talks for a few seconds,lucky if he makes a minute, then gets into a word salad. It’s embarrassing and scary. Cable news is propaganda. They don’t care about the public. They care about protecting Joe.

The left used the virus to attack Trump & will do anything to protect Joe so we’ve come to the point people hardly trust anything they’re hearing. Can you blame them for the lack of trust?

Of course the left trusts the media. They’re clueless but they’re on the same side too. The media can gaslight them into believing anything. Or they know it’s bunk & don’t care. We need one thing. Good information, no spin.