Capitol Police may have abandoned barricades, unlocked doors, and let protesters inside.

Pelosi’s Jan 6 Commission isn’t going to find the truth because they’re not going to look for it. She’s arranged another dog and pony show. Another hit job for her personal campaign against Pres Trump and his supporters. Are we going to demand a REAL investigation that gets to truth and facts? When? Good article GP. Hope everyone shares.

America is a Republic!

There are hundreds of hours of video footage of the Capitol riot being withheld. We know the Capitol Police turned down military help and failed to commit all it’s members, especially it’s own SWAT team to secure the Capitol that day. The USCP has an annual budget of more than $460 million and employs more than 2000 officers. Why were they all not active that day!? Speaker of the House Pelosi forced the Chief and 2 other leaders to resign. It seems to me this is another coverup and maybe even a planned operation. One problem is letters from Senators have never done a damned thing to correct these events and the current DOJ isn’t going to help. Since Clinton, the Federal Bureaucracy has been transformed into a Democrat Deep State operating as a political force.

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